Generative AI: once upon a time the image revolution

Generative AI once upon a time the image revolution

Can artificial intelligence be creative? If the algorithms are not artists, their ability to “imagine” images from scratch from a simple written request is stunning. Is creativity a sign of intelligence? Can you be free under duress? So many philosophical questions that could apply to generative AI. In recent months, we have been hearing more … Read more

Technology at the Service of Health: Revolution in the Medical Field | The Tech Review

Technology at the Service of Health Revolution in the Medical

The medical field is undergoing a rapid transformation thanks to new innovative technologies in the Health Service such as mobile applications, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and robotics, remote monitoring Use of new innovative technologies in the medical world This Revolution in the Medical Field at the Service of Health allows unprecedented access to health … Read more

New update for the Freebox Revolution, the iPhone 14 Plus does not seduce the crowds, this is the recap ‘of the week

New update for the Freebox Revolution the iPhone 14 Plus

Free updates its Freebox Revolution, Apple slows production of its iPhone 14 Plus, Netflix continues its war against account sharing, this is the recap of the week. We take stock this weekend on the highlights of the week! While Netflix plans to charge the “ squatters ” of accounts, Free is offering great new features … Read more

Revolution: artificial intelligence at the service of T magazine

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

When, at the beginning of September, we started designing this special issue, DALL·E 2 – the most famous software for generating images by artificial intelligence – was only available on a waiting list. For a few weeks, it has been open to everyone, and already the digital networks are flooded with more or less realistic … Read more

3D cook, nano-doctor… “The industrial revolution is coming” and with it, the professions of

Photonics is a key technology that Europe cannot afford to

According to one Dell study published in 2017, 85% of the professions that will be exercised in 2030 do not yet exist. Based on this observation, Nicolas Hazard, author of What are we going to do with you?released in 2021 by Flammarion, tried to describe what these jobs of the future will look like, in … Read more

Why are we talking about the 4th agricultural revolution?

Comment lapprentissage automatique peut accelerer les solutions aux defis de

If we have to go back in time, we must above all remember that the first agricultural revolution was characterized by the advent of modern agriculture. Then, the second began during the industrial revolution when crop rotations changed. been introduced. The third revolution took off with the discovery of synthetic fertilizers and genetic breeding techniques, … Read more

In Israel, the connected medicine revolution

China model of rebound for retail recovery growth and digital

October 05, 2022 Today at 02:30 In Israel, land of medical technology companies, the covid-19 pandemic has favored the development of telemedicine and the emergence of start-ups working on connected medical devices. “Our AI-powered technology can identify life-threatening conditions during hospital scans in minutes and can quickly alert care teams. in case of suspected stroke.” … Read more

Google Stadia: From revolution to bitter failure, the Netflix story of video games!

Google Stadia From revolution to bitter failure the Netflix story

Game News Google Stadia: From revolution to bitter failure, the Netflix story of video games! Published on 01/10/2022 at 19:05 It’s simple – in 2019 – almost everyone saw Stadia as the “logical” future of video games. After all, streaming services were slowly starting to emerge, then hey, it’s Google coming, we’re not kidding! Today, … Read more

Drones, autonomous tractors… The new revolution in agriculture

Cryptos for an iris scan the controversial Worldcoin

Cadence is a high tech horse. Each time the brown mare raises her tail for a natural need, the movement is detected by a GPS sensor hooked to her hair. It immediately sends a signal to software and gives the precise location of the pile of dung. Imagine that the “event”, as Robin White, professor … Read more

E-commerce, une révolution accélérée par la crise Covid

E commerce une revolution acceleree par la crise Covid

Comment la pandémie de Covid-19 a-t-elle bouleversé l’e-commerce, à la fois du côté des consommateurs et du côté des entreprises du secteur ? Le commerce en ligne se développe de façon structurée et régulière depuis vingt ans, et la crise sanitaire a accéléré le mouvement. Il y a eu une rupture. Les confinements successifs ont conduit … Read more