AI systems: from logic to the deep learning revolution

Research in artificial intelligence split very early on into two opposing currents whose work is now coming together in spectacular applications. Artificial intelligence is an endless and constantly evolving field, born of the eternal quest of man wishing to “play God”, as described by Pamela McCorduck. Today, it has become so pervasive in our lives … Read more

How can European automakers take the lead in the electric revolution?

TRIBUNE – The challenge of decarbonizing vehicles is in many ways a colossal challenge for manufacturers. A subject on which looks Ruchir Budhwar, vice-president Europe of Infosys, the consulting company in IT. At the COP26 summit, nations pledged to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to mitigate climate change. With this in mind, major … Read more

In agriculture too, AI is preparing its revolution

Agriculture is one of the most concrete examples of “practical” AI, and could power the first 100% autonomous farms before 2030. In the rural world, John Deere is one of the most well-known names thanks to its tractors, combines and other agricultural equipment that are ubiquitous in the countryside. The brand is distinguished by its … Read more

The program “Hôtel du Temps” resurrects Dalida, and foreshadows the deep fake revolution

Behind Ardisson’s performance, Mac Guff studios. Its co-founder tells how the deep fake disrupts the job of image creator: “The professions are being invented. It’s a new El Dorado, a jungle”. What if we brought the dead back to life using artificial intelligence… to interview them? This is the incredible bet that Thierry Ardisson took … Read more

Traffic lights prepare their revolution

After the gas bulbs of the XIXand century and electrical circuits of the XXandthe traffic lights of the XXIand century are getting a makeover. Their strengths? Use artificial intelligence to make our traffic more efficient. More than a century after the first tricolor lights, which appeared in Detroit in 1920, the American start-up LYT intends … Read more

Artificial intelligence is shaping a new medical revolution

Artificial intelligence is shaping a new medical revolution

“Art at the crossroads of several sciences”, medicine at the beginning of the 21st century is about to experience a new revolution, like the one experienced by the world of painting in the 19th century. Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing medical paradigms, just as photography yesterday renewed the foundations of painting. Caregivers, aided by algorithms, … Read more

Employment Pass: a small revolution with the introduction of the COMPASS points system

1650396051 Employment Pass a small revolution with the introduction of the

Confirming certain rumors of the last few months, the MOM (Minister of Manpower or the Ministry of Labour) announced on March 4 that a new points system called COMPASS (Complementarity Assessment Framework) would replace the current system governing the issuance of Employment Pass (“EP”). The requirement to post job vacancies on will nevertheless remain … Read more

Rwanda inaugurates the first African Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) dedicated to research and development in artificial intelligence

Rwanda inaugurates the first African Center for the Fourth Industrial

On March 31, in Kigali, capital of Rwanda, in the presence of President Paul Kagame, the Rwandan Ministry of Information Technologies, Communication and Innovation and the World Economic Forum inaugurated the Center for the Fourth Revolution industrial, C4IR. His role is to promote emerging technologies but he mainly focuses on artificial intelligence and data policy. … Read more

Cannes: first world festival of artificial intelligence, between “digital revolution” and “danger”, we take stock with scientists

Cannes first world festival of artificial intelligence between digital revolution

From April 14 to 16, the city of Cannes in the Alpes-Maritimes, presents the major innovations of Artificial Intelligence. A world first that brings together more than 300 researchers. Overview of its many challenges. Sport, health, journalism, economy, army… it affects all areas. Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a process of imitation of human intelligence based … Read more

La radiothérapie en 2022 : innovations et révolution thérapeutique dans le traitement du cancer

1649124119 La radiotherapie en 2022 innovations et revolution therapeutique dans

Publié le 04/04/2022 à 17h50 La radiothérapie consiste à utiliser des rayonnements pour détruire les cellules cancéreuses et empêcher leur multiplication. Ce domaine a bénéficié des progrès en biologie, imagerie et intelligence artificielle. En France, en 2020, 2.3 millions de nouveaux cas de cancer ont été détectés et le nombre de cas continue d’augmenter en raison … Read more