Discover the IoB (Internet of Beer): How technology is revolutionizing the brewing industry?

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The brewing industry is in the midst of a technological revolution, and the techniques for brewing our favorite beers are changing. Craft beers are revolutionizing the brewing industry and taking over the world. However, as consumer choice and diversity increases, so do the issues facing brewers. Manufacturers must manage complex cooperation with suppliers, order fulfillment, … Read more

NASA flight computers are revolutionizing

NASA flight computers are revolutionizing

NASA has chosen SiFive, an American start-up specializing in the design of RISC-V processors, to provide the “processor core” of the space agency’s next HPSC (High-Performance Spaceflight Computing) processor. The agency announced last June that its HPSC project aims to develop a new computing technology for spaceflight, the computing capacity of which will be “at … Read more

How Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the field of cybersecurity » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

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By definition, artificial intelligence (AI) aims to reduce reliance on human intelligence in order to automate and streamline operations. To do this, AI is integrated into intelligent machines capable of performing certain tasks so that humans do not have to. Given the advancements in this technology and the growing need for smart and efficient cybersecurity, … Read more

EasyBrainBet: the artificial intelligence that is revolutionizing betting

EasyBrainBet the artificial intelligence that is revolutionizing betting

Thanks to technological developments, artificial intelligence (AI) is now used in many fields. These are in particular the Horse races and the soccer, where it is used for example to bet. One of the best in this field is currently EasyBrainBetwhich allows football enthusiast of make the right predictions. You can use it on smartphone … Read more

How AI is revolutionizing market abuse detection?

“After years of dilution in the many concerns of the general management of financial institutions, compliance is once again becoming a major issue” notes Alexis Monier, CEO of the market abuse detection solution publisher AfterData. Limiting operational risk and better taking into account the requirements of the regulator in an unpredictable financial context is clearly … Read more

Diabetes: these smart devices that are revolutionizing the administration of insulin

Diabetes these smart devices that are revolutionizing the administration of

In Paris, on March 21, 2020, a patient with type 1 diabetes uses the flash glucose self-monitoring system, via the Freestyle Libre sensor application. The sensor on his arm sends the glucose readings to the app. Alarms are optional. XOSE BOUZAS/HANS LUCAS This May day, three women and two men, on the sixth floor of … Read more

Zyro, the platform that is revolutionizing the creation of websites

Zyro the platform that is revolutionizing the creation of websites

Designing a pretty site isn’t just for IT pros anymore. You don’t even have to hire an outside agency to create a website anymore. Indeed, for a few years now, web platforms like Zyro have given you all the cards in hand to succeed in your site creation project simply and in no time. Zyro … Read more

How GPT-3 is revolutionizing content marketing with AI? — YubiGeek

GPT-3 is one of the great advances in artificial intelligence. Its potential offers an interesting opportunity for content marketers. Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered the world of writing and content creation. The OpenAI company has actually developed an autoregressive linguistic model of 175 billion parameters named GPT-3. This is a powerful technology that will change … Read more

Aurélie Jean, the doctor of science who is revolutionizing the detection of breast cancer – Les Inrocks

For the fourth year, the Île-de-France Region is honoring Ile-de-France women who are moving the lines. On March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, the EllesdeFrance Trophies celebrated four inhabitants for their actions in the fields of innovation, creation, solidarity, as well as courage and transcendence. Attributed by Internet users, a fifth … Read more