Elon Musk’s humanoid robot, Optimus, is coming soon

It’s official, Elon Musk has just confirmed it orally: Tesla will present its first humanoid robot equipped withartificial intelligence during the Tesla AI Day scheduled for September 30. The richest man in the world spoke during the Qatar Economic Forum (Qatar Economic Forum), confirming his tweet from early June where he announced the postponement of … Read more

Tiny fish-shaped robot ‘swims’ to pick up microplastics Artificial intelligence and robotics news

Microplastics are found almost everywhere on Earth and can be harmful to animals if ingested. But removing these tiny particles from the environment is difficult, especially when they settle in the nooks and crannies on the bottom of waterways. Now, ACS researchers Nano-letters have created a light-activated robot fish that “swims” rapidly, picking up and … Read more

BitIQ Avis : Robot Arnaque ou Digne de Confiance ?

BitIQ Avis Robot Arnaque ou Digne de Confiance

Ces dernières années ont vu une évolution drastique du Bitcoin et des crypto-monnaies en général. Pour s’adapter à ce fort développement, de nombreux outils ont également vu le jour. Parmi eux, les robots de trading automatique tels que BitIQ. Ce dernier serait capable d’optimiser les performances sans que l’investisseur soit obligé d’y sacrifier beaucoup de … Read more

Des images montrent un char robot pilot par l’IA qui fait exploser des voitures, soulevant nouveau les craintes sur la prolifration des armes ltales autonomes

Des images montrent un char robot pilote par lIA qui

Milrem Robotics, leader europen en matire de robotique et de systmes autonomes, a rcemment partag une vido mettant en scne un char dot d’une IA qui fait exploser des voitures et d’autres cibles. L’entrepreneur a dclar que le char, baptis Type-X, est conu pour permettre aux troupes de “percer les positions dfensives de l’ennemi avec … Read more

Scam Or Legit Trading Robot? Read The Australia Report – Tech Tribune France

The bitcoin market trading hours are exceptional as they adhere to recent trends. Many investors earn a fortune daily and become billionaires overnight. In terms of financial success, cryptocurrency trading has become one of the most lucrative strategies. People are currently using automated trading systems, which have become a smart, fast and profitable method of … Read more

The Google engineer who saw a robot as a person, was suspended

It’s a story worthy of a science fiction movie. A robot capable of thinking and having feelings? This is in any case what claims Blake Lemoine, engineer at Google. According to him, an artificial intelligence tool called LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) would be endowed with a kind of sensitivity, like a child of … Read more

Google Engineer Says New AI Robot Has FEELINGS: Blake Lemoine Says LaMDA Device Is Sensitive

Senior Software Engineer at Google who Signed up to test Google’s artificial intelligence tool called LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications), claimed that the AI ​​robot is actually sentient and has thoughts and feelings. During a series of conversations with LaMDA, Blake Lemoine, 41, presented the computer with various scenarios for performing analyses. They included … Read more

NAVER turns its 1784 building into a hybrid human and robot working environment

NAVER is testing an ultra-modern human-robot environment in its 1784 building. An experiment that could teach us a lot. NAVERthe leading search engine in South Korea, transforms its 1784 building into an environment in which “humans work in harmony with robots“. The goal is to have 100 robots that evolve autonomously in the building to … Read more

A kitchen robot

Property tax Data centers are mobilizing

Take electronics giant Sony. Add François Chartier, gastronomy and a hint of artificial intelligence (AI). You get a “crazy thing”, according to the Quebec sommelier and creator of aromatic harmonies. Since 2018, he has been concocting an artificial intelligence that chefs can use to improve and create new culinary combinations. Posted at 8:00 a.m. Karim … Read more

Green, connected and multimodal… Robot portrait of the mobility of tomorrow

After two years of health crisis – between confinements, restrictions, forced telework and return to the office -, the conclusion is there: the health crisis has transformed the habits of many French people, some of them profoundly. Among them, the way we move on a daily basis, to go to work or for our leisure. … Read more