Les robots peuvent devenir racistes et sexistes lorsqu’ils sont construits avec une IA dfectueuse, prvient une nouvelle tude

Les robots peuvent devenir racistes et sexistes lorsquils sont construits

Depuis des annes, les informaticiens mettent en garde contre les dangers que reprsente l’intelligence artificielle l’avenir, et pas seulement en termes sensationnels de machines renversant l’humanit, mais aussi de manire bien plus insidieuse. Si cette technologie de pointe est capable d’avances merveilleuses, les chercheurs ont galement observ les cts plus sombres des systmes d’apprentissage automatique, … Read more

“The emotion on flower of robots”. David Lacombled’s column

That machines can cause emotions in humans is one thing. Whether they use them for their own benefit is another. Like any creation of nature or human genius, it is conceivable that robots provoke reactions just as much as a sunset or the curve of a viaduct. Beyond that, we constantly converse with machines that … Read more

L’OS iRobot est le nouveau cerveau des aspirateurs robots Roomba, il n’offrirait pas de nouvelles fonctionnalits, mais de vastes rves

los irobot est le nouveau cerveau des aspirateurs

Deux ans après avoir lancé iRobot Genius Home Intelligence, une plateforme alimentée par l’IA pour ses aspirateurs et balais robots, iRobot a annoncé sa nouvelle plateforme logicielle : iRobot OS. Selon Colin Angle, PDG d’iRobot, ce système d’exploitation pour ses aspirateurs robots Roomba leur permettra de passer à la vitesse supérieure, en offrant aux robots … Read more

Amazon prsente des robots magasiniers qui ne se plaignent pas, ne dmissionnent pas et ne se syndiquent pas

Amazon presente des robots magasiniers qui ne se plaignent pas

Amazon a dvoil son premier robot mobile entirement autonome et d’autres machines conues pour fonctionner aux cts des travailleurs humains dans ses entrepts. Les machines ne remplaceront pas compltement les humains , prcise l’entreprise de commerce en ligne base Seattle au tats-Unis. En 2012, le gant du commerce lectronique a acquis Kiva Systems, une startup … Read more

SEO: the content optimization dilemma between humans and robots

To reach your audience and be able to offer them content that meets their expectations, it is essential to deliver texts that are easy to read and interpret. Often when talking about optimized texts, the first thing that comes to mind is positioning in search results. This almost systematic rapprochement between the two concepts means … Read more

Robots Adopt Racist, Sexist Traits If AI Build Fails

Robots Adopt Racist Sexist Traits If AI Build Fails

According to the first law of robotics proposed by writer Isaac Asimov, a robot cannot injure a human or, through inaction, allow a human to injure itself. But in the age of artificial intelligence (AI), experts say there are ways around the wording, making robots racist and/or sexist. The premise comes from a study authored … Read more

The rise of “cobots”, the robots of the future for companies?

Robots are revolutionizing the world of work. They are spreading in all major industries. As more and more money is poured into automation, will the increased presence of robots create new job opportunities or put millions of people out of work? Automation has been growing rapidly since the 1960s. And artificial intelligence has multiplied the … Read more

Will the robots of the future be racist and sexist? Researchers sound the alarm

New work carried out by American researchers concludes that robots, when they operate with defective artificial intelligence, will tend to develop stereotypes that are nevertheless specific to humans. Worried about the future… Men rather than women, whites rather than people of color, and the most hasty conclusions about the jobs people hold after just a … Read more

Inspired by fireflies, researchers are creating insect-scale robots that can emit light as they fly, enabling movement tracking and communication

The fireflies that light up dark backyards on warm summer evenings use their luminescence to communicate – to attract a mate, ward off predators or attract prey. These twinkling insects also sparked inspiration from MIT scientists. Inspired by nature, they built light-emitting flexible artificial muscles for insect-scale flying robots. The tiny artificial muscles that control … Read more

Amazon unveils robots to make its warehouses more secure

Amazon unveils robots to make its warehouses more secure

Ten years after the acquisition of the robotics company Kiva Systems, Amazon just introduced, during the re:MARS event, several automated systems for its logistics warehouses. Objective: to increase productivity while guaranteeing the safety of its employees. Amazon introduces four robotic systems A year ago, Amazon presented four robots aimed at improving the safety of its … Read more