Saudi Arabia bets on artificial intelligence to develop local expertise and disrupt the economy

RIYADH: As artificial intelligence (AI) disrupts the global economy, the Middle East cannot afford to lag behind, as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates encourage adoption of the artificial intelligence in the region. The Middle East is expected to accrue 2% of all global artificial intelligence profits in 2030, or $320 billion ($1 = … Read more

Saudi Arabia says it is taking ‘significant steps to harness science’ at UN forum

MARSEILLE: The aircraft was damaged off the Comoros, June 30, 2009, killing 152 people: Monday opens in Paris the trial of Yemenia, the airline. But for Saïd Assoumani, president of the association of victims, it will first be the trial of “trash planes”. Question: “This trial comes 13 years after the tragedy. What happened to … Read more