Deployment of a network of used vehicle resale scanners

Deployment of a network of used vehicle resale scanners

The start-up ProovStation is raising 10.4 million euros to deploy the first network in France of analysis stations – or scanners – for used vehicles using artificial intelligence and dedicated to their resale. This financing is carried out by Supernova Invest, alongside Otium Capital, via its Industry fund, and Crédit Agricole Création. An industrial pace … Read more

Augmented cameras, scanners: what the Olympic bill examined by senators contains

Augmented cameras scanners what the Olympic bill examined by senators

Cameras boosted with algorithms, body scanners but also new types of doping controls: the bill on the Olympic Games, very focused on security, is examined by the Senate on Tuesday and Wednesday. One of the key measures of the texts is the authorization of so-called “augmented” cameras, a provision defended by the LR camp. The … Read more

Olympics 2024: body scanners, artificial intelligence, what France plans for security

Olympics 2024 body scanners artificial intelligence what France plans for

By Briac Trebert Published on 26 Dec 22 at 14:12 News See my news Follow this media The use of body scanners could be made possible at the entrance to stadiums and other sports venues hosting more than 300 people. This technique is already used in airports. (Illustration ©Côté Brest) the law Project must be … Read more

Les meilleurs scanners de crypto-monnaie

Vous voulez passer directement à la réponse ? Certains des meilleurs endroits pour suivre la crypto-monnaie sont, Tradingview et Altrady. Avec beaucoup de grondements et d’incertitudes qui secouent le marché de la cryptographie, il n’y a pas de meilleur moment pour obtenir l’aide d’un scanner de marché de la cryptographie que maintenant. Mais si … Read more