The essential network and wifi security of your hotel – TendanceHotellerie

The essential network and wifi security of your hotel –

Companies in their near unanimity today use digital tools to manage their operations, their sales, their human resources, their accounting. The hotel industry has been using these tools for several decades and, alongside its own operations, provides Internet access to its own customers who themselves sometimes connect to their business tools. To operate in local … Read more

EU awards Jean Monnet EUDEFENCE Chair in European Security and Defense at Nebrija University

Atos wins a contract in the Netherlands

The escalation of tensions in Europe caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the problem of European energy dependence, hybrid warfare, the use of cyber technology for disinformation, artificial intelligence and militarization space are only the spearhead of a new international geopolitical restructuring in which concepts such as security and defense are evolving by … Read more

Nice attack trial: Christian Estrosi talks about security and artificial intelligence | RCF Nice Côte d’Azur

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

In the broadcast room of the Palais Acropolis in Nice, there are many more civil parties than usual. The interest for the local word is there also in the Nice public, more numerous than usual. Christian Estrosi comes forward for his deposition before the Assize Court. A few notes on the desk. “This absolute level … Read more

SailPoint Identity Security reviews the basics of Identity Governance » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

Memorizer the super app to remember everything PACAs economic and

SailPoint Identity Security Cloud goes beyond Identity Governance to deliver innovation, flexibility, and scalability to all businesses. SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc.the leader in enterprise identity security, today unveiled at its Navigate annual conference new innovations introduced in the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud solution. With these updates, SailPoint enables enterprises to go beyond the traditional approach … Read more

Microsoft emphasizes remote working security with Windows 11 update

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

Microsoft has added important security features to Windows 11 2022 Update that will help businesses protect remote workers from potential cyberattacks. These features include Windows Credential Guard to secure authentication data, Smart App Control to block untrusted or unsigned apps, and Defender SmartScreen to alert users to malicious apps or fraudulent or compromised websites. … Read more

Protect by Mailinblack: innovation at the service of mailbox security

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

During your professional exchanges, you have certainly received an authentication request. For your email to be delivered to your new sender, you have been asked to copy the colored word that appears on the screen. This captcha sender verification system is unique in the cybersecurity market. 14,000 client organizations in France The most adopted mailbox … Read more

Discover the new issue of ActuIA: Security, AI & Industry, synthetic data…

Discover the new issue of ActuIA Security AI Industry

It’s fall, and the leading artificial intelligence magazine is back! Discover new exclusive content focused on research, business and the impact of AI in this edition which closes the year 2022 in style. On the agenda for this n°9 finely chiselled by our team: security and AI, the rise of synthetic data, how to succeed … Read more

Check out the MIT t-shirt that makes you invisible to security cameras

Check out the MIT t shirt that makes you invisible to

Netcost-Security was at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts to learn more about IBM’s artificial intelligence projects, and in the lab we discovered a shirt that, when worn, makes the person invisible on security cameras. It looks like something straight out of science fiction, or maybe Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, but it’s a … Read more

From AI and cyber-investigators to social security to fight against fraud

From AI and cyber investigators to social security to fight against

Whether they are insured, health professionals or criminals in an organized gang, fraudsters are more than ever in the sights of Health Insurance. And to counter them faster and stronger, the organization will use major means, “a little ‘Minority report’“, jokes Marc Scholler, Deputy Director of Audit and Finance at Cnam, referring to the American … Read more

Why Endpoint Security on Mac used at work goes beyond traditional antivirus

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

Macs are set to become the company’s premier terminal in the coming years. If you’ve entered the workforce in the past 5-6 years, chances are you got a Mac on day one, and you probably can’t remember a world where the only Macs you had usually an organization were in the graphic design department. . … Read more