Next-generation semiconductors: Japan puts 500 million euros on the table

Next generation semiconductors Japan puts 500 million euros on the table

Japan announced on Friday an investment of nearly half a billion euros in a new project intended to produce next-generation semiconductors in the country and bringing together large Japanese groups. The Japanese government has promised to inject 70 billion yen (483 million euros), while eight private companies including Sony, Toyota, SoftBank Group or NTT must … Read more

Under the blow of the sanctions on the semiconductors, Russia sees its military arsenal being exhausted

Under the blow of the sanctions on the semiconductors Russia

The Russians would have used “almost half of their arsenal of armaments“since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, quoted by Politico. They would only own “four dozenof hypersonic missiles. “These are the ones that have high precision and accuracy due to the chips they have. But because … Read more

Semiconductors: between Beijing and Washington, the chip war

Semiconductors between Beijing and Washington the chip war

Nancy Pelosi’s whirlwind visit to Taiwan, which a week later continues to generate very strong tensions with the People’s Republic of China, must not be reduced only to the commitment made to defend democratic values ​​in the face of the threat of authoritarianism. from Beijing. The Speaker of the US House of Representatives also met … Read more

ASML, Nvidia preferred in semiconductors

Amid recent stock market volatility, several semiconductor and industrial OEMs have fallen significantly and now look attractive relative to our fair value estimates. Despite the continued shortage of chips, we believe investors are rightly concerned about slowing demand in large end markets such as PCs and smartphones. We expect many chipmakers to continue to deliver … Read more

In-memory computing: Samsung Electronics releases study on next-generation AI semiconductors with MRAM technology

In memory computing Samsung Electronics releases study on next generation AI semiconductors

Microprocessor manufacturers have been interested in MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory) since the 1990s. Researchers from Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) in collaboration with Samsung Electronics Foundry Business and Semiconductor R&D Center performed the first calculation in memory based on this technology and published the results of their research in the journal Nature titled: … Read more