SEO: Wordplay, the tool that helps you write your long-format content using AI

SEO Wordplay the tool that helps you write your long format

Content marketing is an essential strategy for companies that want to boost their business. Creating content with high added value, however, requires a lot of time and investment. Several tools now simplify this task by assisting companies in writing text. word play is just one of them. Thanks to him, writing long-format SEO-oriented articles becomes … Read more

Baidu, Bing, Yahoo: the different SEO methods from those of Google

Baidu Bing Yahoo the different SEO methods from those of

To be well cited in search engines, a netlinking campaign is very important. As you know, Google only likes quality backlinks, i.e. inbound links from sites with good metrics. For Bing, all types of backlinks are considered, which means you should focus on quantity and quality. However, the situation at Yahoo is completely different. The … Read more

Intelligence Artificielle (IA) & SEO : 2 Notions Indissociables en 2022 ?

Intelligence Artificielle IA SEO 2 Notions Indissociables en

Ces dernières années, l’intelligence artificielle a permis de nombreuses avancées dans le domaine du marketing digital. Grâce à celle-ci et surtout grâce à son utilisation plus approfondie et maîtrisée, nos moteurs de recherche sont de plus en plus précis et nos outils toujours plus à la pointe. En ce qui concerne, le SEO, l’intelligence artificielle … Read more

Logiciels de Rédaction Automatique (SEO) : Les 9 Meilleurs

Logiciels de Redaction Automatique SEO Les 9 Meilleurs

Vous recherchez les meilleurs logiciels et sites de rédaction automatique de contenus du moment pour gagner du temps (et de l’argent) sur votre production d’articles de blog et textes ? Voici une sélection des meilleurs outils du moment. Les 9 meilleurs sites et outils de rédaction automatique Jasper WriteSonic WordAI TxtSpinner Mark Copy Rytr LeScribouillard … Read more

Squirrly SEO, a tool to improve the SEO of your WordPress site using AI

Squirrly SEO a tool to improve the SEO of your

To promote its products or services, it is essential to properly reference its website. This requires setting up an SEO strategy. However, this is complicated when you have no knowledge in the field. Although a wide range of tools exist in the market, they are sometimes difficult to get started with due to their innumerable … Read more

SEO: the content optimization dilemma between humans and robots

To reach your audience and be able to offer them content that meets their expectations, it is essential to deliver texts that are easy to read and interpret. Often when talking about optimized texts, the first thing that comes to mind is positioning in search results. This almost systematic rapprochement between the two concepts means … Read more

Google et NLP : quels changements pour le SEO ?

Google et NLP quels changements pour le SEO

Le travail de Google sur le NLP (traitement du langage naturel) est-il en train de transformer en profondeur le référencement naturel ? On fait le point. Google et le NLP : le traitement du langage naturel est-il un game changer pour le SEO ? Depuis plus de dix ans, Google investit massivement dans la recherche et le développement … Read more

International SEO white paper: 4 steps to boost the acquisition strategy in your different markets

International SEO white paper 4 steps to boost the acquisition

Semji has just published his new white paper on International SEO. This is a must-have if you want to export your business overseas or generate more growth from your existing multilingual sites: download it now ! This white paper is particularly intended for companies that aim to pursue an international strategy or that are looking … Read more

Imagen, or the AI ​​creation of images from texts – SEO and engine news – Abondance

Imagen or the AI ​​creation of images from

In the wake of Open AI’s DALL-E 2 or, in another style, Microsoft’s XiaoIce, the text-image couple is currently in the spotlight, served by rather surprising artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. This is the case of Imagen, a new Google project that creates images from descriptive texts… Do you know Imagen ? This is a Google … Read more