Miners Use Discord Servers To Earn Pocket Money By Spreading Malware

Miners Use Discord Servers To Earn Pocket Money By Spreading

Avast, a global specialist in online security and privacy protection solutions, has uncovered an online community of minors who generate, trade and distribute malicious programs (malware), including ransomware (ransomware) and others designed to steal information and mine cryptocurrencies. The initiators of this group attract young users by offering them access to several builders or generators … Read more

Servers: Intel multiplies GPUs and processors assembled in “tiles”

Gone are the days when Intel only had Xeon processors to power data centers. The foundry now intends to compete with Nvidia on GPUs. Except that it does not present one architectural model, but two. The oddly named Artic Sound-M and its successor Ponte Vecchio, are designed to generate server-side immersive images and worlds. … Read more

Rethinking energy consumption in servers

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] In a quest for efficiency and savings, 2CRSi builds computing and virtualization servers that are more responsible in their energy consumption. An innovative approach explained to us by Alain Wilmouth, President and CEO of 2CRSi. What IT solutions does 2CRSi offer? 2CRSi is a manufacturer of computer servers. We design products dedicated to … Read more