An artificial intelligence showed racist and sexist tendencies in a study

” Robots promulgate bad stereotypes. This chilling phrase is the title of a recent research paper. It details recent tests with artificial intelligence that showed both racist and sexist decisions and behavior. This AI showed preferences for men more than women and whites more than people of color, it drew conclusions about the jobs held … Read more

Robots Adopt Racist, Sexist Traits If AI Build Fails

Robots Adopt Racist Sexist Traits If AI Build Fails

According to the first law of robotics proposed by writer Isaac Asimov, a robot cannot injure a human or, through inaction, allow a human to injure itself. But in the age of artificial intelligence (AI), experts say there are ways around the wording, making robots racist and/or sexist. The premise comes from a study authored … Read more

Will the robots of the future be racist and sexist? Researchers sound the alarm

New work carried out by American researchers concludes that robots, when they operate with defective artificial intelligence, will tend to develop stereotypes that are nevertheless specific to humans. Worried about the future… Men rather than women, whites rather than people of color, and the most hasty conclusions about the jobs people hold after just a … Read more

The fight against sexist discourse of algorithmic biases

The fight against sexist discourse of algorithmic biases

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