La Financière de l’Exchequier – Earthlings can sleep on their…

Earthlings can now sleep soundly. These words from Elena Adams, engineer of the DART mission – Double Asteroid Redirection Test – alone sum up the success of the first planetary defense mission in history, launched on November 24, 2021 on a SpaceX Falcon9 rocket. At 11,000 km from Earth, this NASA mission managed to deflect … Read more

Promising solutions to monitor baby sleep with Cubo Ai

Radiant Photo a new editing software that relies on

3 A Taiwanese start-up specializing in baby monitoring, Cubo Ai already had a Smart Baby Monitor in its catalog and is adding a mat to slide under the baby mattress. The Sleep Sensor Pad should detect breathing disorders during sleep. Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor Introductory price €209 All with wall bracket kit with 3 … Read more