METRON, DALKIA, BNP PARIBAS, and AWS launch “Decarb Fast Track”, an unprecedented European program to promote the decarbonization of industry and sobriety through energy savings – BNP Paribas

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Paris, November 23, 2022 – The companies METRON, DALKIA, BNP PARIBAS and Amazon Web Services (AWS) launch the “Decarb Fast Track” program, jointly designed to facilitate access for industrial groups energy management and optimization tools. The ambition of this program is to save up to 100,000 tonnes of CO2 in equipping 100 selected industrial companies … Read more

“Sobriety cannot rest solely on individuals”

Sobriety cannot rest solely on individuals

Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier, sociologist, member of the High Council for the Climate, returns for CNRS Le Journal to the concept of sobriety, its objectives and its locks. What is the sobriety that we have been talking about a lot for a few months? How to define it?Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier. It all depends on what angle you look … Read more

Should gambling be capped in the name of sobriety?

In Canada the government is betting on 5G without debate

Usbek & Rica: Can you present the chair you run and its links with La Française des Jeux? Sebastien Martin: Established in 2018, the “Gaming Regulation” Chair, which I lead with my colleagues Jean-Baptiste Vila and Aude Rouyère, brings together major players in the sector: the National Gaming Authority, the Betclic group, the Française des … Read more

Sobriety: manifesto for a – Green IT

Sobriety manifesto for a slowtech Green IT

One of my favorite missions within the Green IT collective and the Resilio startup is to prepare for the future. This takes place within R&D cells in which we develop the approaches that you will apply tomorrow. This is how we gave birth to and developed digital sobriety, then responsible digital, and digital service eco-design … Read more

Report France – Energy sobriety and teleworking, instructions for use

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Published on : 09/26/2022 – 00:19 To deal with the energy crisis threatening France and Europe, the government is encouraging companies to work remotely, when they can. Does using telework save energy? We asked this question to business leaders and employees. In the co-working spacelocated in the heart of the Marais in Paris, an office … Read more

Nice: Qualisteo is riding the wave of energy sobriety | WebtimeMedias

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A pioneer in energy efficiency, Qualisteo had been hampered by the two Covid years. But today, with the meteoric rise in energy prices, the Nice startup headed by Elodie Bondi is experiencing exponential development and is attacking the international market. If there is one budding Côte d’Azur that responds particularly well to today’s problems of … Read more

Engineering Techniques supports manufacturers and R&D in their approach to energy sobriety | Engineering Techniques

Airbus believed in us and that is a game changer

Discover reference articles in free access, on an exceptional basis, in order to give manufacturers ideas for more energy-efficient factories, with less expensive production for better competitiveness. Faced with the increase in energy prices, the risks of gas supply and electricity cuts, companies are asked to draw up an energy sobriety plan, with the aim … Read more

NRGYBox raises 500,000 euros to introduce sobriety in public lighting

NRGYBox raises 500000 euros to introduce sobriety in public lighting

With these funds, the start-up plans to recruit around ten employees, continue its R&D and support more local authorities. NRGYBox achieves its very first fundraising. The start-up specializing in the optimization of public lighting for communities raises 500,000 euros from the Investment Funds Bordeaux-based Galia Gestion, accompanied by European greentech investors. No debt operation has … Read more