La Chine prsente un nouveau projet de loi sur le crdit social qui donne plus d’informations sur la ralit de ce systme, voici ce qu’il faut savoir

La Chine presente un nouveau projet de loi sur le

Depuis 2014, lorsque la Chine a annonc un plan de six ans pour construire un systme pour rcompenser les actions qui renforcent la confiance dans la socit et pnalisent l’effet contraire, ce plan semble avoir t mal interprt propos de la Chine dans le discours occidental. En tout cas, c’est ce que suggre de nouveaux … Read more

Digital survival – “Social networks have become gigantic catacombs”

Digital survival – Social networks have become gigantic catacombs

– “Social networks have become gigantic catacombs” On the sidelines of All Saints Day, the eve of the Day of the Dead, the Lausanne researcher Olivier Glassey observes the fate reserved for them in the digital sphere. Anne-Sylvie Sprenger – Protestinfo Published: 01.11.2022, 07:25 On graves, like here in El Salvador, QR codes lead to … Read more

Yokoy (Switzerland) and Blue dot (Israel) join forces to automate the recovery of VAT and taxable social benefits.

In Canada the government is betting on 5G without debate

Blue dot, a leading tax platform for VAT recovery and analysis of employee taxable benefits and based in Pituach, the Swiss group has just announced a partnership with Yokoy, the provider of an all-in-one solution. -one to automate the expense management of medium and large companies through artificial intelligence (AI). Blue dot’s AI-powered automated tax … Read more

A video on the evolution of man scares social networks: it is created with artificial intelligence

Les Biais De LIA Peuvent ils etre Surveilles En Interne

The dismay of Internet users shows that there is a lack of education on artificial intelligence, the artist of the clip told how the video was made. It is not the vision of an artificial intelligence that reveals a dystopian future. Even if it looks like it. On Twitter, a clip tracing human evolution in … Read more

Companies do not (yet) master the management and protection of application data in SaaS mode – IT SOCIAL

Companies do not yet master the management and protection of

In a survey of data vulnerability in SaaS environments across 717 companies, Varonis researchers found that 81% of companies unintentionally expose sensitive data. As companies deploy solutions and the piping needed to exploit data and adopt cloud solutions, hackers are on the lookout for the tiniest loophole to breach access and raid these coveted assets. … Read more

Nearly half of French people know their ex-partner’s social media password

Nearly half of French people know their ex partners social media

Avast, a global specialist in online security and privacy solutions, today unveiled a study focusing on the digital aspect of a break-up. The study reveals that couples are generally used to sharing the passwords of their devices and various online accounts, as well as access to the places that each frequents. (Study carried out from … Read more

Interrupted by covid-19, the photovoltaic social network Sunleavs is getting a new boost

Interrupted by covid 19 the photovoltaic social network Sunleavs is getting

False start. CES Las Vegas 2020 should have served as the kickoff for the launch of Indewatt. The ace. The Covid-19 got involved. And the startup was forced to postpone the start of its first pilot project. First step in the implementation of its Sunleavs solution, supposed to connect residents so that they invest together … Read more

Ecological Crises: How Social Media Could Save Lives – Tell Them!

Ecological Crises How Social Media Could Save Lives Tell

In the event of a flood, we no longer call the fire brigade, we send a tweet! Social networks are, of course, the place of emotion, the most intense propaganda and the most malignant fake news, but also that of crucial instantaneous information. CNRS researchers in Toulouse and Paris have developed unique software in France … Read more

From AI and cyber-investigators to social security to fight against fraud

From AI and cyber investigators to social security to fight against

Whether they are insured, health professionals or criminals in an organized gang, fraudsters are more than ever in the sights of Health Insurance. And to counter them faster and stronger, the organization will use major means, “a little ‘Minority report’“, jokes Marc Scholler, Deputy Director of Audit and Finance at Cnam, referring to the American … Read more

[Dossier du Social Media Club] E-reputation, competitive intelligence, strategic intelligence… how to optimize monitoring on social networks? – mind Media

Dossier du Social Media Club E reputation competitive intelligence strategic

“Within companies, monitoring is a very old subject “recalls Daniel Lemin, Social Media Manager – Vinci Group. In a broad sense, strategic intelligence covered many dimensions: commercial, competitive, creative, environmental, financial, legal, media, regulatory, societal, technological, etc. Today, all these watches persist and co-exist but do they come together, are they inter-operated, is there loss … Read more