Artificial intelligence won’t solve everything

Artificial intelligence wont solve everything

Even though the big data and the machine learning methods (machine learning) sometimes give spectacular results, they do not make it possible to understand the mechanisms involved. These can only be elucidated by fundamental research, which remains very important to ensure scientific progress. This is recalled in an editorial published in the journal Science Signaling … Read more

Mobileye bets on robot taxis to solve traffic jams – i24NEWS – I24NEWS

Mobileye bets on robot taxis to solve traffic jams

“We will deploy between 100 and 150 robot taxis in 2023 in Israel and in a number of cities in Europe as a full-scale test” Everyone now knows Mobileye, the Israeli company behind the in-vehicle camera technology that saves lives every second around the world. Nothing expresses the incredible success of this Israeli flagship better … Read more

MTN-Benin relies on Ericsson to solve network speed problems

Meta implements security measures to promote fair play online

In 2019, the telecommunications company MTN-Benin signed a partnership agreement with the Swedish group Ericsson aimed at consolidating the performance of its mobile telephone networks with the latest generation materials, particularly for 5G. In this context, the 2 partners are now announcing the deployment of an AI and ML solution in Africa to solve throughput … Read more

“Data is not only personal: it is also a common good, which can solve many problems”

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

Lhe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has given wings to the European Commission. After the GDPR, there will be the Data Act; the Open Data directive has existed since 2019, the Data Governance Act, applied since June (with a compliance period of 15 months), and others are preparing. There is a risk of overlapping regulations … Read more

Google wants to solve the problem of misinformation on its search engine – Forbes France

In 2014, if you typed on Google “ King of the United States you ended up with a photo of Barack Obama, screaming passionately into a microphone. Obviously, this is false. However, Google authoritatively proclaimed it after posting an article by Breitbart titled “ All Hail King Barack Obama, Emperor of The United States of … Read more

Google wants to solve the misinformation problem of its search engine – Tech Tribune France

Google wants to solve the misinformation problem of its search

Google is adding features to its search engine to fight misinformation. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images) NurPhoto via Getty Images In 2014, if you were to Google »King of the United Statesyou would have seen a photo of Barack Obama, shouting passionately into a microphone while on a podium. Advertising That’s not true, … Read more

How technological innovation can solve Ukraine’s war-induced food shortage

The war in Ukraine is impacting global agricultural production and imports with consequences for many populations; new technologies could solve the problem. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a humanitarian crisis that has killed thousands and displaced millions of civilians. In addition, things are about to get worse as major disruptions to agriculture and fertilizer production … Read more

Why Nvidia DLSS Could Solve Laptops’ Main Problem

Why Nvidia DLSS Could Solve Laptops Main Problem

If you have a laptop for gaming, do the following exercise: unplug it from the mains and start a game. It’s unplayable. Laptop manufacturers voluntarily limit the performance of their machines on battery power to avoid displaying ridiculous autonomy. This is where DLSS comes in. Cyberpunk on the Razer Blade 17 The issue around graphics … Read more

An AI that translates math problems into code to make them easier to solve

An AI that translates math problems into code to make

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) The process of automatically translating mathematical concepts written in natural language into formal specifications and proofs is called “self-formalization”. With the aim of improving current self-formalization models and verification machines, researchers have developed a new method, based on an AI capable of supporting such … Read more

Working as a team to solve water problems in Ghana

Two EPFL students, Nour Ghalia Abassi and Mohamed Ali Dhraief, spent ten days in Ghana working on water-related projects. After a five-hour drive from Accra, the capital of Ghana, Nour Ghalia Abassi and Mohamed Ali Dhraief finally arrived in Kumasi. Abassi, a PhD student in artificial intelligence, and Dhraief, a master’s student in data science, … Read more