Artificial Intelligence: in Toulouse, aeronautics, space and medicine join forces for cancer research

Artificial Intelligence in Toulouse aeronautics space and medicine join forces

The IRT Saint Exupéry and the IUCT-Oncopole are coming together to advance cancer research. It is a rapprochement between two worlds – that of aeronautics / space and that of medicine – with a common objective: to use artificial intelligence in the field of health. To fully understand the issue, it is useful to specify … Read more

Ikea delivers a realistic 3D experience to its customers to design their living space

Ikea delivers a realistic 3D experience to its customers to

Ikea offers its customers a new realistic experience to design their living space, from a PC or a mobile, called Ikea Kreativ. IKEA Kreativ’s core technology was developed by Silicon Valley artificial intelligence specialist Geomagical Labs, which Ikea acquired in April 2020. A first deployment in the United States on iOS The first rollout is … Read more

Innovation Challenge Artificial Intelligence applied to space transport

Credits: CNES Context of the challenge Find out here how the challenge “Artificial intelligence applied to space transport” from CNES and who it is for!This process facilitates access to CNES funding to develop an innovative solution applicable to future space projects, with the key to a possible continuation of CNES support in an R&T framework.The … Read more

Ultraviolet data from Hubble Space Telescope fills gaps in observations Astronomy & Astrophysics News

A team led by the Southwest Research Institute has used the Hubble Space Telescope to observe Jupiter’s moon Europa at ultraviolet wavelengths, filling a ‘gap’ in the different wavelengths used to observe this world of frozen water. The team’s near-global UV maps show concentrations of sulfur dioxide on the backside of Europa. SwRI will continue … Read more

Artificial intelligence to avoid space debris

On May 16, a very special accident almost happened. Nearly 700 km above our heads, the Sentinel-1A satellite made an emergency maneuver to avoid debris that was hurtling towards it: a remnant of a Russian satellite deliberately destroyed by Moscow in November 2021. At the time , this anti-satellite missile test had caused a small … Read more

The Senate wants a law on facial recognition in public space

The fact-finding mission on facial recognition in the public space made its proposals on May 11. Painting a portrait of the tool where prohibition must be the rule, she invites the executive to take up the subject before the 2024 Olympics. “It is time to intervene on this question, which is not a technical problem … Read more

EOS and Hyperganic 3D print more efficient space propulsion components – 3Dnatives

EOS and Hyperganic 3D print more efficient space propulsion components

The German manufacturer EOS has just signed a partnership with the Munich company Hyperganic, which has developed algorithmic engineering software based on artificial intelligence. The objective is to integrate the Hyperganic Core platform with EOS 3D printing solutions and thus enable the design of complex and optimized parts for additive manufacturing processes. One of the … Read more

Human intelligence: protecting your space

Human intelligence protecting your space

(Photo: ThisisEngineering RAEng for Unsplash) So that our economy does not rely solely on the space-time available to “users”, we must encourage young people to study mathematics, it becomes imperative. GUEST BLOG. Quebec is positioning itself as a leader in artificial intelligence. According to a report published by Investment Quebecmore than 500 million dollars (M$) … Read more

For or against: should we worry about the creation of a European health data space?

5G why Europes delay is worrying.svg

NO / “It is imperative to succeed in the “prevention revolution” Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve, co-founder and managing director of Alan The health crisis has demonstrated the importance of reliable, accessible, homogeneous health data: management of the acute phase of the epidemic (how many patients screened or hospitalized?), development and administration of vaccines, up to monitoring of … Read more