Algorithm to spot child abuse tested in hospital

A team of researchers has sifted through the files of children passed to the Dijon University Hospital for more than ten years to feed an artificial intelligence which should help practitioners detect mistreatment that is not obvious. While the reporting by the medical profession of violence detected on patients remains a very sensitive subject, a … Read more

Innovation – Spot fraudulent e.commerce sites in a few clicks

Innovation Spot fraudulent ecommerce sites in a few

Anger is not always a bad advisor. Laurent Amar attests to this. It is in the rage of having been poisoned by heavy metals contained in liquid (claimed to be organic) for vaping ordered on the Internet that he drew the energy of his fight: to put cybercriminals out of harm’s way. AI against fraudulent … Read more

Burn-out: artificial intelligence could spot the first signs more easily | Engineering Techniques

Burnout affects many employees in France. But its identification is complex, because the symptoms can be superimposed on other diseases or syndromes. Thanks to AI and natural language processing, Swiss researchers have achieved a high level of detection. According to the Health Watch Institute, 480,000 people in France are in psychological distress at work and … Read more

A tool to spot fake online profiles – Geeko

A tool to spot fake online profiles Geeko

On social networks, some users create accounts that try to impersonate another person. The goal? Mislead users. Falsified companies and profiles are common targets for malicious individuals. And to make matters worse, more and more tools allow them to perfect the creation of fake people and therefore, to reinforce their scam. To solve the problem … Read more

Spot the robot dog to the rescue to explore and secure the ruins of Pompeii

1649071842 Spot the robot dog to the rescue to explore and

After exploring several mines and construction sites, measuring radiation in the vicinity of the damaged Chernobyl reactor, accompanying the French army in training and even making a music video with the South Korean group BTS, Spot the robot-dog is given a new mission. Last March, the creation of the American company Boston Dynamics went for … Read more