Star Wars: how will AI replace Darth Vader’s voice? –

Star Wars how will AI replace Darth Vaders voice

Following the retirement of voice actor James Earl Jones, Darth Vader’s voice will now be generated by an AI. For the continuation of the Star Wars saga, Lucasfilm has decided to exploit the Ukrainian software Respeecher allowing to clone a voice… For 45 years, James Earl Jones has lent his voice to the iconic Star … Read more

Star Wars: Darth Vader replaced by an artificial intelligence

Meta confirms the launch date of its next virtual reality

Darth Vader becomes eternal thanks to artificial intelligence and the help of a Ukrainian company. Darth Vader is retiring. James Earl Jones is enjoying a well-deserved warrior’s rest after nearly half a century of lending his voice to the most iconic villain in movie history. As he bids farewell to the Sith Lord, Disney must … Read more

Darth Vader’s original Star Wars voice is stepping down, but the AI ​​is here for the sequel

Darth Vaders original Star Wars voice is stepping down but

American actor James Earl Jones, whose voice brought Darth Vader to life for 45 years, agrees that his sound archives can be used for Star Wars projects. In addition to sound editing, artificial intelligence algorithms will also be able to create new phrases. It is a recognizable voice among a thousand. Deep, vibrant, warm. At … Read more

GPT-3? No, this is not a new Star Wars character! » The economic and political letter of PACA

Memorizer the super app to remember everything PACAs economic and

But a fundamental AI model in full evolution and with potential huge. By Stuart Dorman, Chief Innovation Officer of the Sabio Group. At the mention of the word “GPT-3”, one might think that it is a new droid character invented by George Lucas in his latest installment in the Star Wars universe. If he’s not … Read more

Levio fait l’acquisition de Binary Star, une entreprise succs des Maritimes

Levio fait lacquisition de Binary Star une entreprise a succes

Class dans : Les affaires, Science et technologieSujets : Acquisitions et fusions d’entreprises, Contrats Levio, une entreprise dans le top 100 du classement des 300 plus grandes entreprises du Qubec, poursuit sa croissance comme chef de file en transformation numrique en Amrique du Nord QUBEC, le 8 juin 2022 /CNW Telbec/ -Levio, une firme de … Read more

Jellysmack transforms star youtubers into rich youtubers thanks to AI

Jellysmack transforms star youtubers into rich youtubers thanks to AI

This American unicorn founded by three French people relies on artificial intelligence to optimize the visibility and income of video creators on social networks. Founded in 2016 in the United States by three French people, Jellysmack relies on AI to optimize the presence and income of video content creators on social networks. In 2021, the … Read more

Comme dans Star Wars : la conquête de la galaxie se prépare

Comme dans Star Wars la conquete de la

Des pas sur la Lune ; des images de toutes les planètes du système solaire, jusqu’à la petite dernière, Pluton ; quelques grains de comètes ; une première analyse de l’espace interstellaire ; des silhouettes de mondes lointains par centaines ; et l’espoir de fouler le sol martien ou la surface d’astéroïdes voisins… Voilà où … Read more

Robbie Barrat, 22, the NFT and crypto-art star no one saw coming

Robbie Barrat 22 the NFT and crypto art star no one

Posted Apr 8, 2022, 12:16 PM When crypto-artist Robbie Barrat offered NFTs to congress attendees gathered at Christie’s four years ago, long before the meteoric rise of these digital objects protected by lines of code, he had no idea that his gifts would end up… in the trash. Invited to give a talk at the … Read more

Star Citizen Monthly Report: March 2022 Monthly Report

Star Citizen Monthly Report March 2022 Monthly Report

Star Citizen’s monthly reports provide an overview of the work carried out by the various development teams over the past month. Here are the key takeaways from the March 2022 report. Artificial Intelligence (Content) The behavior of beverage vendor (Editor’s note: usually referred to as the coffee vendor in previous reports) has been finalized. The … Read more