A startup in Israel creates a smart urban farm that produces superfoods

1674832858 A startup in Israel creates a smart urban farm that

An Israeli agritech startup that has set out to democratize highly nutritious superfoods, on Thursday unveiled what it calls the first urban agricultural farm that grows and produces year-round green “caviar,” a food made from duckweed, fresh and affordable, ready to eat. GreenOnyx has designed, in a sterile environment, a fully autonomous technology platform based … Read more

A start-up predicts the arrival of the “Technological Singularity” in seven years

1674659938 A start up predicts the arrival of the Technological Singularity in

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Scientists working in a company specializing in translation say that the famous phenomenon known as “Singularity” will be coming soon. A rather audacious assertion, given that no exact criteria have ever been defined on the subject. Have you ever heard of the concept of … Read more

Lasso: a start-up invents a trash can that sorts waste for you

1674637705 Lasso a start up invents a trash can that sorts waste

At the start of the year, discontent is rising among the French and, this time, it is not because of the pension reform! The reason for this grumbling is our garbage cans. Since January 1st, the sorting has changed and the service is reduced with one pick-up per week or fortnightly depending on the region. … Read more

Proovstation, the start-up that helps individuals sell their cars in moments

Proovstation the start up that helps individuals sell their cars in

Posted Jan 25, 2023, 8:07 AM The inhabitants of Vénissieux, Aix-en-Provence or Vitrolles have seen strange arches bloom near their homes in recent months. From a distance, it looks like car wash stations of which there are thousands in France. But these are actually stations that help individuals to… sell their car in a few … Read more

In the race for the quantum computer, the French start-up Pasqal puts the turbo

In the race for the quantum computer the French start up

SAN FRANCISCO: Elon Musk tried to show in court on Monday that his famous 2018 tweets about wanting to take Tesla out of the stock market were not misleading or fraudulent, contrary to accusations from investors who say they lost money million dollars because of the billionaire. The boss of Tesla – and of Twitter, … Read more

McKinsey buys start-up Iguazio, its first Israeli acquisition

1674573349 McKinsey buys start up Iguazio its first Israeli acquisition

McKinsey & Co. has acquired Israeli real-time data analytics startup Iguazio for an undisclosed sum, marking the international consulting firm’s first acquisition in Israel. McKinsey plans to use Iguazio’s machine learning platform to enable businesses and organizations to deploy and manage artificial intelligence (AI) applications and integrate them into real-time decision-making across all areas of … Read more

Against the current of IBM, a French quantum startup raises 100 M€

Against the current of IBM a French quantum startup raises

Quantum computing may not be of one and the same form when it is democratized. We will rather talk about quantum algorithms, which will be based on different techniques. Already today, industry players are not heading in the same directions. Against a current from IBM and its superconducting quantum computers, Pasqal ago. This French startup … Read more

Morfo: the start-up that wants to regenerate forests on a large scale using drones – WE DEMAIN

1674175427 Morfo the start up that wants to regenerate forests on a

Share the post “Morfo: the start-up that wants to regenerate forests on a large scale using drones” The drone flies two meters above the ground, over land that has suffered from mining that is now a thing of the past. The landscape has suffered deeply from human activity. Now it’s a matter of regenerating the … Read more

Israeli startup offers AI app to spice up writing

1673986350 Israeli startup offers AI app to spice up writing

Israeli start-up AI21 Labs, which specializes in automatic language processing (more commonly known as NLP), seeks to “spice up” your writing by launching a new generative function based on artificial intelligence (AI). Rather than attempting to replace the writer with technology that empowers computers to learn, AI21 Labs’ new Wordtune Spices feature is designed to … Read more

Levity: a start-up invents an AI-driven walker for children with reduced mobility,

1673811216 Levity a start up invents an AI driven walker for children with

In the world, 1 billion people have a disability on the walk. While 39% of them cannot leave their homes, 72% do not have sufficient access to health services or to the various therapies. In Canada, this is the case of a four-year-old girl named Romie-Rose. She has significant physical and intellectual developmental delays. For … Read more