How mature are companies in the face of AI? A study takes stock.

How mature are companies in the face of AI A

A new Accenture report tries to measure the current maturity of companies facing the potential of AI. More than 60% of large companies are still only experimenting with artificial intelligence, thus depriving themselves of a lever for growth and innovation. Conducted with 1,200 companies around the world, Accenture’s new report on the maturity of companies … Read more

An artificial intelligence showed racist and sexist tendencies in a study

” Robots promulgate bad stereotypes. This chilling phrase is the title of a recent research paper. It details recent tests with artificial intelligence that showed both racist and sexist decisions and behavior. This AI showed preferences for men more than women and whites more than people of color, it drew conclusions about the jobs held … Read more

Study shows how problems are mapped in the brain – Psychology and Psychiatry News

Humans and other animals are good at learning by inference, using the information we have to figure out things we can’t directly observe. New research from the Center for Mind and Brain at the University of California, Davis shows how our brains do this by building cognitive maps. “The work suggests a new framework for … Read more

A10 Networks Enterprise Perspectives 2022 Study Reveals Zero-Trust Strategy, Cloud, and Remote Work Drive Digital Resilience

A10 Networks Enterprise Perspectives 2022 Study Reveals Zero-Trust Strategy, Cloud, and Remote Work Drive Digital Resilience A10 Networks recently published research highlighting the challenges and priorities facing large enterprises in the wake of the pandemic as we learn to live with COVID-19, and the impact this will have on future technologies. Of the 250 companies … Read more

Study 2022 to 2025: digital marketing trends in e-commerce!

Study 2022 to 2025 digital marketing trends in e commerce

Designing a digital marketing or e-commerce strategy involves keeping an eye on the latest digital innovations, new technological solutions and changing consumer behavior. This step provides key information to build your future action plan and effective advertising experiences that will help your business evolve. In the same category With Bolk, robotic canteens arrive in companies … Read more

“Human-Centered AI”, an in-depth study of the current state of the concept of artificial intelligence – Forbes France

Human-centered artificial intelligence (HCAI) is a concept that seems to bring to the fore the use and access to AI technology by humans. To me, this seems at odds with the “data-driven” view of some experts, although it is possible to tell the difference between goals and development. “Human-Centered AI”, by Ben Shneiderman, is an … Read more

REPORTAGE. Should systematic screening for lung cancer be introduced in heavy smokers? A pilot study is launched in France with 2,400 patients

Elisabeth has long been a heavy smoker, up to 30 cigarettes a day. “I started smoking around the age of 15, she explains. I’m 65, so it’s been 50 years. I smoked a lot and I was a heavy smoker anyway”. Elisabeth volunteered to be part of the study, a two-year follow-up with three low-dose … Read more

Untie Nots study – The French and promotions at the time of inflation » The economic and political newsletter of PACA

Memorizer the super app to remember everything PACAs economic and

As prices continue to climb on supermarket shelves, Untie Nots, a specialist in personalized promotion and digital customer engagement in the retail sector, wondered about the sensitivity of the French to promotions during these 12 last months. To carry out this study, the start-up analyzed nearly 1.2 billion customer transactions generated as part of major … Read more

Researchers study links between facial recognition and Alzheimer’s disease Artificial Intelligence and Robotics News

In recent years, Alzheimer’s disease has been on the rise all over the world and is rarely diagnosed at an early stage when it can still be effectively controlled. Using artificial intelligence, KTU researchers conducted a study to determine if human-computer interfaces could be adapted so that people with memory impairments could recognize an object … Read more

Study and lessons on the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic

Study and lessons on the fallout from the Covid 19 pandemic

IFID Headquarters An IFID colloquium on “Financing the post-COVID economy by banks and insurance companies” At a time when all the economic and financial actors are seeking to develop a strategy to boost national dynamics and ensure a resumption of the development process, the Arab Maghreb Development Financing Institute (IFID) has tried to initiate a … Read more