MAINTENANCE. Mathematics: how to reconcile students with this unloved subject

MAINTENANCE Mathematics how to reconcile students with this unloved subject

What is math for? How do you find meaning in this reasoning subject? The testimony of a teacher in a high school in Toulouse sheds light on the method to adopt to learn to appreciate his discipline. This Monday, November 14, 2022 opens the Assises des Mathématiques organized by the CNRS. The opportunity to make … Read more

Binance: a key employee of the company was the subject of a hologram scam – BeinCrypto International

Binance a key employee of the company was the subject

Binance seems to have the ambition to make the crypto sector better, but that was without counting the appearance of a crypto scam that would shake one of its most important employees. The New Crypto Scam: Identity Theft 2.0 Binance always seems very attentive to the events that shake the crypto sector. While its CEO … Read more

What aspects of the customer relationship are subject to digitization?

Also called Customer Relationship Management, the customer relationship corresponds to all the elements involving the interactions between the company and the customer. From prospecting to after-sales service, including mission management, the customer relationship involves many activities within companies. And by the variety of its forms and its channels, it is quite naturally a sector in … Read more

Study – Artificial intelligence, a political subject » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

Study – Artificial intelligence a political subject PACAs economic

The main powers in the world and the positioning of France [Eclairages et propositions]. As the new global AI meeting, the “World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival”, opens on April 14, 2022 in Cannes, the think tank SKEMA PUBLIKA publishes a new note on artificial intelligence: “artificial intelligence: a political subject.What are the main powers in … Read more