One Creation announces the successful launch of its first “Environmental Innovation Awards”

Photonics is a key technology that Europe cannot afford to

Three prizes for a total value of 45,000 francs will be awarded during the INNOClimat 2022 gala evening on November 3 in Montreux. At the close of applications on September 19, these are candidates from three continents and eight countries including the USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, South Africa, France and Switzerland, who … Read more

Startup Act 2.0 | For a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem | The Tunisian Press

2022 Strategic Foresight Report ensuring the coupling of green and

The big business paradigm has long dominated modern economic and political thought. The situation has changed today. The rise of start-ups can be explained by the crucial role they can play in strengthening competition, introducing innovation and supporting the emergence of any new sector. The start-up economy is emerging in its own right, now possessing … Read more

Regular vulnerability assessment and self-remediation are keys to a successful cloud security strategy

1663046429 Back to school The development of the agricultural sector depends

With the rise of cloud-based technologies that expand the attack surface, companies need to readjust their cybersecurity strategy more than ever. Cloud solutions do away with traditional security perimeters, which are only viable when IT systems are hosted entirely on-premises. As the world is rapidly moving towards “all as-a-service”, Cloud solutions are also of a … Read more

Top 5 mistakes not to make for a successful customer experience – Widoobiz

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

Thinking in silos What could be more frustrating for a user than having to repeat to each interlocutor the subject of his call? Yet many companies still operate in silos with each channel managed independently of the others. This silotage can be linked to the communication channel. For example, if a customer contacts an agent … Read more

Video technology: a tool for a successful healthcare digitization strategy

Turgis Gaillard Groupe developing innovative aeronautical systems

The government is calling for big investments in the digitization of the healthcare sector. And data-driven video technology has an important role to play. As part of the digital roadmap, the digital Ségur or the digital health acceleration strategy to support innovation, the government is calling for major investments in the digitization of the healthcare … Read more

Giuseppe BRIZIO, QUALYS: the approach to cybersecurity must be based on the analysis of risks and impacts in the event of successful cyberattacks

Giuseppe BRIZIO QUALYS the approach to cybersecurity must be based

Giuseppe BRIZIO, QUALYS: the approach to cybersecurity must be based on the analysis of risks and impacts in the event of successful cyberattacks On the occasion of FIC 2022, Qualys will present the evolutions of its platform with, in particular, its Multi-Vector EDR 2.0 offer. This feature is dedicated to quickly assess the surface of … Read more

AI in recruitment: what levers for successful integration?

The integration of artificial intelligence in HR activities and decisions is a lever of value and a competitive advantage. A Deloitte study reveals, for example, that 22% of top performers automate some part of their recruitment process – compared to 6% of bottom performers. In the sense that it makes it possible to make the … Read more

BIPT study reviews ‘successful foreign 5G applications’

The Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT) has published a study about foreign 5G applications. Based on 113 ‘relevant practical cases’, the institute aims to inspire Belgian companies to rapidly adopt 5G now that a large-scale deployment of the technology is near. In Belgium, 5G is lagging behind most other EU countries, where … Read more

CPME Company Trophies: a successful first edition in Amiens | Picardy the Gazette

1649228898 CPME Company Trophies a successful first edition in Amiens

More than 1,000 people came to attend the first edition of the Company Trophies initiated by the CPME Somme. On the program, the artistic performance of the world-famous Amiens duo of musicians Sandra Moubarak and Anthony Leroy, accompanied by other artists, including folk singer Louis Aguilar. Seven trophies were then awarded by several partners including … Read more