La police peut dsormais visionner les camras de surveillance prives en temps rel, cette mesure ne rendrait pas la ville scurise, mais une surveillance gnralise tout moment

La police peut desormais visionner les cameras de surveillance privees

Les camras vido, ou tlvision en circuit ferm (CCTV), sont de plus en plus rpandues dans nos vies. La crainte du terrorisme et la disponibilit de camras toujours moins chres ont encore acclr cette tendance. L’utilisation de systmes sophistiqus par la police et d’autres responsables de la scurit publique est particulirement troublante dans une socit … Read more

Doped with artificial intelligence, nothing escapes video surveillance cameras

Doped with artificial intelligence nothing escapes video surveillance cameras

Sitting behind the video wall of the Pisciac urban supervision center (CSU), they see everything. Since the creation of the equipment by the City in 2015, there are seven video-operators to carefully scrutinize, 365 days a year, the images captured by the hundred cameras installed throughout the city. A tedious job that requires constant vigilance … Read more

Security. Which surveillance camera to choose to protect your home?

Artificial intelligence from alpha to omega

CCTV camera technology has evolved considerably over the past few years. This digital equipment is now capable of filming with great precision to detect the smallest detail, of carrying out strategic analysis thanks to artificial intelligence or even of seeing in color at night. However, it is not necessarily necessary to invest in the latest … Read more

Autocratie numérique : La surveillance des IA sonne le glas de la vie privée

Autocratie numerique La surveillance des IA sonne le glas

« Vous savez bien qu’il n’y a plus aucune vie privée pour personne. C’est un aspect très important de la vie moderne. L’une des plus grandes transformations que nous ayons vécues dans notre société est la disparition de la sphère privée. Désormais, il nous faut tous raisonnablement accepter le fait qu’il n’y a plus de … Read more

What are the best connected surveillance cameras in 2022 and how to choose them?

What are the best connected surveillance cameras in 2022 and

Home security is of paramount importance! And, faced with the ever-increasing cunning of the bandits, the least you can do is install surveillance cameras. Although their presence may not prevent a break-in, they can nevertheless deter malicious people and alert you in the event of an intrusion. All of this will allow you to make … Read more

Gaztransport & Technigaz : Approbation du systme de surveillance lectronique du carburant d’Ascenz par ExxonMobil | Zone bourse

Kalray Telecharger Voir la video Expose Sommaire Assemblee

Communiqué de presse Approbation du système de surveillance électronique du carburant d’Ascenz par ExxonMobil Paris, le 7 septembre 2022. Ascenz, une société de GTT Digital, a été approuvée par ExxonMobil en tant que fournisseur de Système de Surveillance Electronique du Carburant (Electronic Fuel Monitoring System ou EFMS) … Read more

Atos bets on the meeting of AI and video surveillance

E commerce is the key to unlocking Africas economic potential

Atos is preparing to split its activities: on the one hand, consulting and outsourcing, on the other, Big Data, security and HPC. During the first half of 2022, it recruited 16,000 employees to swell its Digital and Big Data & Security (BDS) divisions. In addition to the fact that the company intends to “support … Read more

HGH incorporates artificial intelligence into its long-range surveillance systems

HGH incorporates artificial intelligence into its long range surveillance systems

It was during the Eurosatory international exhibition, dedicated to Land and Air-Land Defense and Security, that HGH, a pioneer in infrared technology, unveiled its new artificial intelligence module integrated into SPYNEL long-range surveillance on June 13. 360°: GAIA™. It was in 1982 that experts in infrared technology: René Houis, Gilbert Gaussorgues and François Hubert created … Read more

RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS REVIEW I Surveillance capitalism: threats to democracy and rights!

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

Return to the table of contentsRights and Freedoms Review, Spring/Summer 2022 Interview with Fatima Gabriela Salazar Gomez by Lynda Khelil, responsible for mobilization at the League of Rights and Freedoms Fatima Gabriela Salazar Gomez was coordinator at the Agora Lab and in charge of mobilization for an international consultation organized in 2020 by the United … Read more

Video surveillance: the Cnil warns against cameras responsible for analyzing our behavior

Video surveillance the Cnil warns against cameras responsible for analyzing

The Commission points to the risks of massive and illegal surveillance linked to the generalization of cameras associated with artificial intelligence systems. The Cnil, guarantor of the private life of the French, called on Tuesday for a regulatory or legislative framework for surveillance devices by so-called “augmented” cameras, capable of identifying the behavior of people … Read more