COVID-19: new evidence of the usefulness of connected bracelets to detect infection before symptoms

“Health” trackers are connected bracelets used for many reasons, first of all to know your heart rate, your muscle and fat mass, your skin temperature or even your stress level and the number of steps taken per day. What to know everything or almost of his state of health since from now on, a study … Read more

Unvaccinated caregivers: symptoms of covid management

The views expressed in opinion pieces are strictly those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editorial staff. Posted on June 4, 2022 – HAS + A patient pointed it out to me recently: politicians have followed scientific advice. Implicitly, the doctors were at work in the management of … Read more

Policy must address the drivers, not just the symptoms, of subsidence

The most productive agricultural region in Southeast Asia and home to 17 million people could be mostly underwater in a lifetime. According to an international team of researchers, saving the Mekong Delta requires urgent and concerted action between countries in the region to reduce the impact of upstream dams and better manage water and sediment … Read more