Japan, U.S., South Korea oppose status quo change amid Taiwan tension

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Senior diplomats from Japan, the United States and South Korea have said they oppose any attempt to change the status quo of territories by force, as China increasingly asserts itself in the Asia-Pacific region. Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin met in New … Read more

Why Taiwan is crucial for your business

Why Taiwan is crucial for your business

Taiwan is by far the world’s largest producer of processor chips, which are increasingly ubiquitous in new products. (Photo: 123RF) GEOPOLITICAL ANALYSIS. Even though Taiwan represents only 1% of the world’s GDP, its role in the planet’s economy is crucial. A suspension of its semiconductor exports could cause stock-outs in the automotive and electronics industries, … Read more

A Chinese blockade of Taiwan would cost the global economy dearly

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What do a toaster, an iPhone and the latest Playstation have in common? We find in these three objects of our daily life semiconductors. These small silicon chips are used absolutely everywhere: in our computers, in household appliances, in our smartphones and even in medical equipment. And they very often come from Taiwan. Following Nancy … Read more

Spotlight on Taiwan and TSMC’s role in global tech amid tensions with Beijing – Reuters News in France and abroad

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Taipei, TaiwanCNN Business— Taiwan plays a crucial role in ensuring the world gets its cutting-edge technological devices, from laptops to advanced weapons, on time. That’s because the self-governing democratic island of 24 million people is a world leader in the supply of semiconductor chips. But as tensions escalate between Taipei and Beijing, the fate of … Read more

US ‘privately accepted fate’, China to take Taiwan after allowing ‘decades of arms buildup’, expert says – Reuters News in France and abroad

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The United States is privately agreeing to China taking Taiwan after allowing a buildup of weapons in the region for decades, a former US Air Force officer warns. Brigadier General Robert Spalding III (retired) fears there is no way for Washington and its allies to protect Taiwan from Beijing’s aggression. The United States privately agrees … Read more