Web: Fearless, TikTok takes on Google, Netflix and Amazon

Web Fearless TikTok takes on Google Netflix and Amazon

Published23 October 2022, 10:22 website: Fearless, TikTok takes on Google, Netflix and Amazon The young generation’s favorite social network is getting bigger and bigger. To the point of wanting today to rub shoulders with leading players in markets that are very different from his own. TikTok now intends to rub shoulders with other web giants … Read more

From video protection to video management, artificial intelligence takes over

From video protection to video management artificial intelligence takes over

Key figures Use: detection of illegal dumping, management of prohibited directions, monitoring of intrusions, identification of forgotten lights, etc. Partner: start-up XXII. Cameras, algorithms… and black screens. In Massy, ​​a rather quiet town in Essonne, video operators no longer waste time in front of their screens. “When I want to know something, … Read more

The French collective “Confiance.ai” takes action

The French collective Confianceai takes action

Supported by funds from France 2030, the “Confiance.ai” program presented its first achievements, a base of tools and methods for developing AI components of … confidence. The question of the safe, explainable and fair operation of artificial intelligences is a critical subject for all companies in all sectors. AI will only be able to claim … Read more

How mature are companies in the face of AI? A study takes stock.

How mature are companies in the face of AI A

A new Accenture report tries to measure the current maturity of companies facing the potential of AI. More than 60% of large companies are still only experimenting with artificial intelligence, thus depriving themselves of a lever for growth and innovation. Conducted with 1,200 companies around the world, Accenture’s new report on the maturity of companies … Read more

Recruitment, dismissal… When artificial intelligence takes over the management of human resources

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

By Clara Durand Posted 2 hours ago, Update just now Amazon and the Russian company Xsolla have already used AI to lay off employees. By murrstock/stock.adobe.com Sixty Facebook employees have been fired after being “randomly” designated by artificial intelligence. A situation that has already occurred and is set to repeat itself, perhaps even in France. … Read more

Goodbye cleaning, this Roborock S7 takes care of it 100x better than you (-40%)

Goodbye cleaning this Roborock S7 takes care of it

The Roborock S7 is a real luxury if you’re tired of vacuuming. It picks up dust like no other, and it even has a mop mode. Everything is sold at an unprecedented price on the AliExpress platform as part of a back-to-school operation. AliExpress is the only active merchant in France to give so much … Read more

OVHcloud takes another step towards quantum computing

OVHcloud takes another step towards quantum computing

Quandela, a French company specializing in quantum computing, has announcement on June 14 the signing of a partnership with OVHcloud. The objective of this collaboration is to host the Perceval software suite, developed by Quandela, to enable manufacturers, developers and more broadly the scientific community to exploit all the benefits of quantum computing. The start-up … Read more

Sofina takes place on board the German CoachHub, specialist in digital coaching

Sofina is leading, alongside Softbank, a funding round of 187 million euros around the German CoachHub digital coaching platform. Founded by brothers Yannis and Matti Niebelschütz, CoachHub is arising star in the world of digital coaching. Based in Berlin, the company offers a digital platform allowing companies to support and develop their employees at all … Read more

Thales: takes collaborative combat into a new dimension with the Combat Digital Platform | Market area

Thales brings collaborative combat to a new dimension with the Combat Digital Platform 06/09/2022 Thales strengthens its position in the era of collaborative combat with the Combat Digital Platform: a cybersecure solution that materializes and facilitates the collaborative engagement of land forces on the battlefield of the future in a unified system that allows understanding, … Read more