Tax audit: have the new tools developed by Bercy to track fraudsters been proven?

Cross-referencing of information, aspiration of data from social networks, detection of undeclared swimming pools… the tax administration relies on artificial intelligence to guide its controls. But where are his experiments launched for 2 years? The General Directorate of Public Finance is carrying out several projects at the same time to detect fraud and target controls … Read more

Taxes: how the tax authorities use artificial intelligence to fight against fraud

The tax administration increases each year its use of artificial intelligence to fight against fraud and improve the efficiency of its services. In 2021, the share of checks targeted by AI was 45%, compared to 32.5% a year earlier. For the past few weeks, the teams of the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFIP) have … Read more

How to deal with a tax audit? – The Business Journal

According to the figures communicated by the Ministry of the Economy, the year 2021 is presented as the year of resumption of tax audits since the fight against tax evasion has not only returned to its pre-health crisis level, but is approaching the high results obtained in 2019. 13.4 billion euros were, in fact, notified … Read more

The digitization of tax administrations

The digitization of tax administrations

In 2020, the Luxembourg tax authorities, including the Administration des Contributions Directes (ACD) and the Administration des Domaines de l’Enregistrement et de la TVA (AEDT), employed more than a thousand agents to process the more than 700,000 declarations and physical files, representing more than 14 billion euros in direct and indirect tax revenue this year. … Read more

Positive results for the fight against tax evasion in 2021

Positive results for the fight against tax evasion in 2021

makyzz/AdobeStock Bercy draws up the inventory of tax audit actions for the past year. The tax administration highlights the increase in the rights and penalties recalled, the effectiveness of the control a priori and a posteriori Covid-19 aid, the growing use of artificial intelligence and the development of calmer relations with taxpayers. Bercy has just … Read more

Property tax | Data centers are mobilizing

Property tax Data centers are mobilizing

Faced with the possibility that the property tax will apply to their equipment, data centers are mobilizing to fight what they consider to be a game-changer for their industry. Posted at 11:00 a.m. Helen Baril The Press “Data center equipment should benefit from the same property tax exemption as that of the manufacturing sector,” explains … Read more

How does the tax authorities detect tax evasion? – Challenges

Presented in March by the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts, Olivier Dussopt, the 2021 results of the fight against tax fraud revealed that 13.4 billion euros in adjustments had been notified to individuals and businesses, and that 10, 7 billion had been collected over the year. Figures on the rise, since the amount of taxes … Read more

What tax reduction for your donations to Valérie Pécresse and Yannick Jadot?

Below the threshold of 5% of votes which guarantees the lump sum reimbursement of campaign costs (just over €8 million), Valérie Pécresse (Les Républicains) with 4.78% of the votes, and Yannick Jadot (Europe Ecologie-Les Verts ) with 4.63%, have already called for donations of their constituents to complete the financing of their campaigns. The first … Read more

Tax control: artificial intelligence, disappointing but to be used in support according to a union document

Tax control artificial intelligence disappointing but to be used in

In France, artificial intelligence is used in the context of tax audits. It is used to detect anomalies in order to propose the initiation of a tax audit. However, its results are disappointing, consider the association Attac and the Solidarity Trade Unionwith support from CGT Finance and of Solidarity in public finance. Artificial intelligence to … Read more

Undeclared swimming pool: the tax partnership with Google takes on water

Undeclared swimming pool the tax partnership with Google takes on

Bercy has teamed up with Google and CapGemini to fight against fraud and automatically detect undeclared swimming pools. But the project is floundering, and the precision of the device leaves something to be desired. In the Bouches-du-Rhne, near 8500 households had the unpleasant surprise of receiving a letter from the Directorate General of Public Finances … Read more