Artificial intelligence at the service of agriculture – Cameroon Radio Television

Artificial intelligence at the service of agriculture Cameroon Radio

This was the main issue of a spatial reflection held on September 29 in Yaoundé. This was the very first session of the Higher Cycle of Training in Computer Intelligence and New Space in Africa (CSIANA), placed under the theme: “Sustainable land management and responsible agriculture with artificial intelligence and New Space”. Importance of artificial … Read more

Spain: The Spanish Radio Television (RTVE) relies on AI and the VSNExplorer solution for its catalog of documentary content

Les Biais De LIA Peuvent ils etre Surveilles En Interne

Spanish Radio Television (RTVE), the largest audiovisual group in the country, equivalent to France Televisions in ours, called on VSN, a technology company specializing in the development of advanced software solutions for the broadcasting and media industries and entertainment, to improve the content catalog of its historical archives thanks to AI. RTVE, Spain’s main public … Read more

A burn-in effect on your television? A problem you may not have thought of…

Comment rendre lIA plus verte et plus efficace

Published on Friday, September 2, 2022 at 09:22 By Guillaume Pavoncelli The word is practically unknown to the majority of people. However, if you have an OLED screen, it can suffer from a “burn-in” effect. Explanations. It’s not a feature you really care about when buying a new TV. However, any OLED screen, as beautiful … Read more

Television. Thierry Ardisson brings dead stars back to life on his show

Welcome to the “Hôtel du temps”, Thierry Ardisson’s new show where deceased stars are brought back to life thanks to new technologies. The first episode of this series will be dedicated to Dalida. After the sudden stop in 2019 of “Hello earthlings! » on C8, Thierry Ardisson signs his return to the France 3 channel … Read more