Artificial intelligence: these new software capable of creating images from texts

Artificial intelligence these new software capable of creating images from

Image created by Dall E 2 software, based on the written request “shiba dog in a firefighter’s outfit” and published in the Platformer newsletter, by digital journalist Casey Newton. OPEN AI “It’s been a few years since I’ve seen some nascent technology that makes you want to call your friends and say, ‘You need to … Read more

Dall-E Mini, the site that transforms your texts into psychedelic images

Powered by an AI transforming short descriptions into visual representations, the platform makes Twitter happy. A steampunk Pikachu, an Eiffel Tower dated from the Roman Empire, or a Demogorgon Roland-Garros winner: a Twitter account, listing the images generated by the artificial intelligence Dall-E Mini (or Craiyon), holds so much of a paradise creative than a … Read more

Imagen, or the AI ​​creation of images from texts – SEO and engine news – Abondance

Imagen or the AI ​​creation of images from

In the wake of Open AI’s DALL-E 2 or, in another style, Microsoft’s XiaoIce, the text-image couple is currently in the spotlight, served by rather surprising artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. This is the case of Imagen, a new Google project that creates images from descriptive texts… Do you know Imagen ? This is a Google … Read more