Focus on Basegun, the weapon recognition tool thanks to artificial intelligence

In 2020, the Central Service for Arms and Explosives (SCAE) of the Ministry of the Interior initiated the digital transformation of public policy for the control of arms and explosives. The Weapons Information System (SIA), a tool for this transformation, identifies the owners of weapons and will use BASEGUN, which, thanks to artificial intelligence, will … Read more

Zoom sells a tool to analyze our emotions, and not everyone likes it

Zoom sells a tool to analyze our emotions and not

The videoconferencing software has launched an artificial intelligence analysis program of emotions. The project is very badly received, and is based on many problematic points. “ Discriminatory », « manipulator ” and ” punitive “: this is how more than twenty associations describe one of the new Zoom tools. The videoconferencing software indeed published a … Read more

AI, a tool against traffic jams? –

Long queues at traffic lights could be a thing of the past, thanks to a new artificial intelligence system developed by researchers at Aston University. The system in question, the first of its kind, consults images from traffic cameras in real time and adapts the frequency of traffic lights to compensate, which, according to the … Read more

What are the advantages of a reformulation tool?

Reformulation is a basic principle in writing or rewriting a text. Reformulating will allow you to take up ideas without copying original content. Writing web editorial content can sometimes be complicated. There are tools that can be of assistance to the writing. A writing principle: reformulation When writing a writing, article or other, reformulation is … Read more

This tool automatically groups keywords to determine the search intentions of Internet users

This tool automatically groups keywords to determine the search intentions

Keyword clustering is an essential step in an SEO strategy. It consists of grouping together the keywords of the same theme in a single group in order to correspond as precisely as possible to the search intention of an Internet user. It is essential to write content that answers their questions and make them want … Read more

Mirakl acquires a recommendation tool and launches a payment system for marketplaces

Mirakl strengthens its offer. The French nugget, which offers a turnkey solution to quickly deploy a marketplace, takes over Target2Sell. The acquisition, which strengthens its product personalization and recommendation offering, was announced on April 28, 2022 at its annual Mirakl Platform Pioneer Summit event, during which a new online payment solution was unveiled. International Payout. … Read more

Thanks to AI, this tool allows you to create neat social media posts

1650341465 Thanks to AI this tool allows you to create neat

To publicize their activity and communicate information to their audience, marketers and communicators must regularly create content to publish on social networks. Finding an original idea, writing the right description, choosing the right image… So many essential steps in creating a publication, but which sometimes take a lot of time. To facilitate this task without … Read more

Back to Microclimate Analysis, an Artificial Intelligence tool to fight against urban heat islands

Back to Microclimate Analysis an Artificial Intelligence tool to fight

Global warming is undeniable, heat waves follow one another, exceptional. City dwellers feel the effects all the more as the lack of vegetation and mineralization generate urban heat islands, so they must adapt their way of life and their movements. Faced with this global phenomenon, all cities are taking measures to mitigate the impact of … Read more

Endometriosis: the “endotest”, a promising diagnostic tool

Endometriosis the endotest a promising diagnostic tool

When he begins to take an interest in health issues “forsaken” of women, the president of Ziwig, Yahya El Mir, quickly understands that endometriosis wins the prize. Within this biotech, which already employs around fifty people in Lyon, we are “amazed” by diagnostic error and its consequences on the lives of patients: “Waiting on average … Read more

Artificial intelligence as a management and decision-making tool for the education network

Artificial intelligence as a management and decision making tool for the.jpgnocache1

In recent years, information about school enrollment has been lacking in the education network. Similarly, the lack of student data can limit dropout prevention. These findings lead the Quebec government to invest $10.6 million in the implementation of new management and decision-making tools, supported by artificial intelligence. Education Minister Jean-François Roberge made the announcement last … Read more