VIDEO. Tourism and environment: a car counter to avoid saturation in the Pyrenees

VIDEO Tourism and environment a car counter to avoid saturation

Air and soil pollution, landscape degradation: preserving these natural sites has become a major issue. So how can we reconcile the pleasure of traveling while reducing our environmental footprint? Answer in this new issue of Reinventing yourself in New Aquitaine. Every year, more than 1 million visitors walk the trails of the Pyrenees. A figure … Read more

October, the month of tourism on the Côte d’Azur territory – CCI Nice Côte d’Azur

OVHCloud largest increase in the SBF 120 at the close

The Regional Tourism Committee presents its action plan Tourism professionals will first meet on October 14 in Nice Mérida in the brand new premises of the Campus Sud des Métiers. Alexandre Borchio Fontimp, Senator for the Alpes-Maritimes, President of the CRT Côte d’Azur France, Métiers will present the Côte d’Azur France action plan for 2023. … Read more

Artificial intelligence, the essential ally of the tourism industry

Meta confirms the launch date of its next virtual reality

Travel companies that have invested more in technology and AI are now showing faster recovery and even surpassing pre-crisis levels. Technological innovation and application is what sets companies in the travel and e-commerce industry apart in the years to come. Those that accelerate the pace of technology adoption will be better able to meet the … Read more

Smartphone: a massive field of application for tourism

Towards a GDPR future in the United States

To choose your holidays, to get information, book or buy your services, and increasingly to evaluate or share your experience on the web, this small technological object has reinvented tourism. We didn’t see it coming… Futurologists had told us about the irruption of robots (wrongly), the progress of artificial intelligence or means of transport (rightly), … Read more

The German National Tourist Office and Atout France unite together around sustainable tourism between their two countries – TendanceHotellerie

The German National Tourist Office and Atout France unite together

Joint campaign by ONAT and Atout France in cooperation with SNCF TGV Est l’Européenne The German National Tourist Office (ONAT) and its French counterpart Atout France are launching a joint campaign around inclusion in cross-border tourism. The campaign is carried out within the framework of the cooperation contract linking the tourist offices of the two … Read more

Artificial intelligence, an opportunity for tourism? –

Artificial intelligence an opportunity for tourism Etourismeinfo

Since an engineer at google recently claimed that his artificial intelligence program had a soul, one could legitimately wonder about the side scary revolutionary in this technology. Would we have machines stuffed with data and so intelligent that they consciously allow us to respond to the main challenges of tourism? A seamless customer journey, access … Read more

Artificial intelligence and tourism, a promising association!

Artificial intelligence and tourism a promising association

The adoption of artificial intelligence has now become an opportunity for the tourism industry: optimization of brand-consumer exchanges, personalized products and services,… in short, a new era for customer relationship management! Who nowadays hasn’t heard of a magic technology that hasn’t stopped giving good harvests in different industries just for adopting it! Well it is … Read more

Tourism: How amusement parks predict your behavior – Challenges

Carefree vacationers, you are as free as the air, convinced of living unhindered during your summer holidays, and of being able to decide at the last moment to sleep in, sit down on a restaurant terrace, or go and spend two days at Puy du Fou. Think again! Your behavior is predictable and even influenceable. … Read more

“Travel Tech”: The new business opportunity for the tourism industry

Travel Tech The new business opportunity for the tourism industry

The Travel Tech allows airlines, tour operators, travel agencies and hotel and catering and transport professionals to meet all the current expectations of their large clientele at the end of a click. The online travel industry is changing. New services appear, new products are launched on the world market. Competitiveness at this level is not … Read more

Thailand’s employment rate to soar as tourism reopens

Thailand’s forthcoming easing of entry rules and the surge in economic recovery are expected to generate double-digit growth in the country’s employment rate this year. According to the job search platform JobsDBthe end of the Thailand Pass and other measures, considered as tourist deterrents, such as compulsory insurance and wearing a mask outside, will boost … Read more