Inspired by fireflies, researchers are creating insect-scale robots that can emit light as they fly, enabling movement tracking and communication

The fireflies that light up dark backyards on warm summer evenings use their luminescence to communicate – to attract a mate, ward off predators or attract prey. These twinkling insects also sparked inspiration from MIT scientists. Inspired by nature, they built light-emitting flexible artificial muscles for insect-scale flying robots. The tiny artificial muscles that control … Read more

Digital transformation: “Tracking the best practices of others does not work”

Where are companies at with regards to digital transformation? The levels of maturity are very different depending on the size of the organizations. Since the dawn of digital transformation, which began less than ten years ago, leaders, mainly large groups and start-ups, have taken the lead. This by adopting the concepts, principles and ways of … Read more

5G could make indoor tracking really work

Qualcomm is demonstrating a very accurate indoor location system, only thanks to 5G and a dose of artificial intelligence. During the Qualcomm 5G Summit, the American giant demonstrated its 5G Positioning Evolution system which uses a combination of 5G signal and artificial intelligence to establish the position of a device indoors with an accuracy of … Read more