Lasso: a start-up invents a trash can that sorts waste for you

1674637705 Lasso a start up invents a trash can that sorts waste

At the start of the year, discontent is rising among the French and, this time, it is not because of the pension reform! The reason for this grumbling is our garbage cans. Since January 1st, the sorting has changed and the service is reduced with one pick-up per week or fortnightly depending on the region. … Read more

Country of Montbeliard. The Agglo (already) puts artificial intelligence in… the trash can

Country of Montbeliard The Agglo already puts artificial intelligence in…

“Digital without use behind it is not very useful. Stéphane Thockler, director of computer systems at PMA, recalls this axiom. It is therefore with the fierce desire to be efficient and relevant that the competent services of the Agglo have cogitated to develop a strategy on the subject. After the optical fiber deployment phase, in … Read more

He threw 8,000 Bitcoins in the trash: discover his 10 million € plan to find them –

He threw 8000 Bitcoins in the trash discover his 10

After accidentally throwing away a hard drive containing 8,000 Bitcoin in 2013, a British engineer is desperate to find it. Discover his 10 million euro plan involving AI and robot dogs… In 2013, James Howells committed what will certainly remain the worst mistake of his life. During a major cleaning of his office, this computer … Read more

When art collectors threw NFTs worth millions in the trash – Reuters News in France and abroad

When art collectors threw NFTs worth millions in the trash

Digital artist, Robbie Barrat distributed NFT coupons four years ago, which some recipients threw away. The NFT market, however, has exploded since then, with sales in 2021 estimated at $44.2 billion. Barrat does not plan to continue selling his work on the NFT market, however. When digital artist Robbie Barrat handed out free NFT (non-fungible … Read more