Oncodesign Precision Medicine (OPM) and Servier announce the signing of a strategic collaboration for the discovery of new therapeutic targets in the treatment of pancreatic cancer – La Bourse et la Vie TV

Oncodesign Precision Medicine OPM and Servier announce the signing of

Identification and validation of new therapeutic targets against pancreatic cancer Construction of a common Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytical platform Generation and pooling of clinical and biological data, AI tools and skills in experimental pharmacology Servier can initiate a partnership with OPM in Drug Discovery based on certain targets discovered thanks to this technological approach SURESNES, … Read more

Parkinson: a researcher from Tours will go up the Loire in a kayak to finance a potential treatment

Parkinson a researcher from Tours will go up the Loire

A Tourangeau will soon set off on a hell of a journey. He will go up the Loire in a kayak, from Saint-Nazaire to Roanne. Seven hundred kilometers over seven weeks, from October 5th. He doesn’t do this for fun, but for medical research! This 33-year-old researcher has indeed found a treatment that could be … Read more

Deep Learning Algorithm Could Streamline Lung Cancer Radiation Treatment – Attractive Area

Deep Learning Algorithm Could Streamline Lung Cancer Radiation Treatment

Lung cancer, the most common cancer in the world, is targeted by radiotherapy (RT) in nearly half of cases. Planning RT is a manual, resource-intensive process that can take days or even weeks, and even highly trained physicians vary in their determinations of how much tissue to target with radiation. Additionally, the shortage of radiation … Read more

The Jewish General Hospital inaugurates a research laboratory on the treatment of cancer by Magnetodrones

“The Starpax project is perfectly in line with the overall strategy of the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, which is to attach increasing importance to the use and active development of new technology to meet patient needs,” said Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, CEO of the CIUSSS. “With the help of the government and our partners, we intend to … Read more

In cancer treatment, “artificial intelligence can be wrong” but “will progress”, says a researcher

In cancer treatment artificial intelligence can be wrong but will

How can artificial intelligence help medicine? It can be very useful for analysis. The image is pixels: quantitative data that lends itself very well to exploitation by algorithms. It takes a lot of images and therefore a lot of patients to train the algorithm; we also integrate clinical data such as age, sex or the … Read more