Artificial intelligence in agriculture: for the collection of precise and valuable data – La Nouvelle Union et L’Avenir de l’Érable

Artificial intelligence in agriculture for the collection of precise and

Updata, a company based in Victoriaville, carries out artificial intelligence (AI) projects in various fields. Among them, agriculture where technological advances make it possible to go further by collecting extremely precise data, in order to improve the performance of the farm and help in decision-making. André Baillargeon, business development manager, and Maor Zaltzhendler, CEO of … Read more

European Health Union: a European area of ​​health data for people and for science

The European Commission is today launching the European Health Data Space (EHDS), a cornerstone in building a strong European Health Union. The EHDS will enable the Union to transform the way health care is delivered to citizens across Europe. It will empower citizens to control and use their health data, both in their home country … Read more

The European Union imposes legislation on the regularization of digital – Alliance VITA

The European Union imposes legislation on the regularization of digital

The digital regulation within the European Union was the subject of an agreement last Saturday between the members of the EU, concretized in a draft Directive carried by the Commission (Digital Services Act, DSA). This Regulation completes the section on digital markets (Digital Market Act, AMD) on which a deal was found in March and … Read more

Tax control: artificial intelligence, disappointing but to be used in support according to a union document

Tax control artificial intelligence disappointing but to be used in

In France, artificial intelligence is used in the context of tax audits. It is used to detect anomalies in order to propose the initiation of a tax audit. However, its results are disappointing, consider the association Attac and the Solidarity Trade Unionwith support from CGT Finance and of Solidarity in public finance. Artificial intelligence to … Read more