Artificial intelligence at the heart of a vast citizen consultation in Occitania


“If we achieve our goals, it will be the most important citizen consultation on artificial intelligence ever carried out in France.“, displays Olivier Auradou, the director of Ékitia, the future public interest group (GIP) which advocates an ethical data economy based in Toulouse. Inhabitants of Occitanie, young and old, digital professionals or no… all without … Read more

Will you be ready for the vast world of virtual reality?

Will you be ready for the vast world of virtual

Let’s start with a definition, that of the excellent Grand Dictionnaire terminologique. The metaverse is a “virtual, immersive and persistent world, which allows the virtualization of human activities, in particular social, recreational, cultural and commercial”. If the word “persistent” makes you wonder, no worries. It means “a virtual world that exists, evolves and develops continuously … Read more