In view of the new regulations on AI, the Cnil is preparing to audit the algorithms

In view of the new regulations on AI the Cnil

Presented in April 2021, the draft European regulation on artificial intelligence foresees that “high risk” systems – such as facial recognition devices – will have to undergo audits in order to be marketed within the single market. . The objective is to verify that they comply with the regulations in force (principle of non-discrimination, respect … Read more

Google Street View, a taste of the metaverse?

Google Street View a taste of the metaverse

Imagined by the co-founder of Google, Larry Page, Street View, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary, seems tailor-made to adapt to the metaverse and augmented reality. The metaverse has become a central issue in tech lately, with companies like Meta, the parent company of Facebook, investing billions of dollars to create digital universes where avatars … Read more

Street View Immersif De Google Pourrait être Un Aperçu Du Métavers, Telecom News, ET Telecom – Tech Tribune France

Street View Immersif De Google Pourrait etre Un Apercu Du

Quinze ans après son lancement, un Google Cartes qui permet aux gens d’explorer des endroits lointains comme si se tenir là donnait un aperçu du métavers annoncé comme l’avenir d’Internet. Il n’était pas encore question de la vie en ligne passant à des mondes virtuels lorsqu’une réflexion « tirée par les cheveux » par Google (en anglais … Read more

How do SME employees view the future of their jobs in the face of automation?

Software Advice, a consulting, research and user opinion services company on software applications for businesses, member of the Gartner network, surveyed 1,000 French people, aged 18 to 65, working full-time or part-time partial within a company of less than 250 employees, last November. This survey focused on their expectations regarding the acceleration of the adoption … Read more

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Google Street View makes the impossible possible

To celebrate its 15th anniversary Google Street View makes the

Fifteen years and 400 times around the Earth later, Google Street view still promises great years of innovation. In addition to the more pronounced use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the tool of the American giant opens up to new places to discover. Because for fifteen years, Google Street View has captured more than … Read more

Google Maps presents Immersive View, a mix of Earth and Street View

Google Maps presents Immersive View a mix of Earth and

This Wednesday, May 11, was held the Google I / O developer conference, during which the Mountain View company presented several new features on several of these products, including a new immersive mode in Google Maps. Discover a place before setting foot there Over the years, Google Maps has transformed to become much more than … Read more