BNB and Google Cloud: a mega-hive to propel Web3?

BNB and Google Cloud a mega hive to propel Web3

Will honey attract bees? – In a desire to increase and firmly root its blockchain, BNB is developing technologies and partnerships together. After announcing its layer 2 zk-RollupBNB Chain announces a partnership with Google Cloud. BNB and Google are therefore working hand in hand to foster the growth of Web 3 and Blockchain projects. Google … Read more

“Web3, a new force for content creators”, Louise Holmes (Meta) – Strategies

Meta launches BlenderBot 3 its most advanced chatbot to date

You may remember: in 2006, “You” was named personality of the year by Time Magazine, celebrating the idea that every individual can impact the digital world through their online presence. The initial promise of the Internet – to place its power in the hands of Internet users – has since been embodied in many forms, … Read more

No to the metaverse: Tinder swipes left and friendzone the Web3

No to the metaverse Tinder swipes left and friendzone the

I have a problem with my mobile: your number is missing – If you’ve ever put this kind of catchphrase on your profile, you’re going to be disappointed. You will not (yet) have the opportunity to be able to conclude in the metaverse ! In any case, not with Tinder. Handbrake pulled, 180 degree turn … Read more

AbstraXio, the web3 store that whispers in the ear of CAC40 leaders – Forbes France

Here we are, the third generation of the web is being built here, before our eyes, and its opportunities seem endless. For many analysts, this shift towards decentralization, at the crossroads of technologies, is only in its infancy. While the first applications of the web3 are emerging, the economic giants flock there. However, this new … Read more

“Web3 is simply fighting against the monopoly of the big platforms that have control over Web2”: Mansaa Network, winner of the NFT Film Festival competition in Cannes – BeinCrypto

Web3 is simply fighting against the monopoly of the big

On May 20, the NFT Film Festival took place during the Cannes Film Festival. It was the first festival around film and blockchain. On this occasion, a competition was set up by the organizers of WAGAS Group, in order to reward the most innovative projects in the blockchain sector. 6 startups were in the running … Read more

Grandstand | Web3: why blockchain training is an issue of digital sovereignty? -Forbes France

In this forum exclusively for Forbes France, Fabien Poggi recalls the importance of adapting our training courses to developments in the blockchain and the emergence of Web3. The latter is CEO and co-founder of Startona platform that allows easier access to the blockchain via API. For several years now, the blockchain has profoundly transformed the … Read more

Bob Metcalfe, Creator of Ethernet: Web3 Will Have All Kinds of “Network Effects”

Bob Metcalfe Creator of Ethernet Web3 Will Have All Kinds

When Bob Metcalfe was selling Ethernet to the world as a new networking technology in the 1980s at 3Com Corp, he had a clever selling point: You’ll get more value out of the product if you buy more of it. What was once a cheeky argument hid a deeper element of truth: networks are more … Read more

Ex-Google Executive Says Web3 Is ‘Extremely Powerful’

Ex Google Executive Says Web3 Is Extremely Powerful

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently gave his thoughts on cryptocurrencies and Web3. After stating that he has invested some money in cryptocurrencies (without specifying which ones), however, he asserted that the most intriguing aspect of blockchain is not digital assets. This is the future of Web3. The usefulness of Web3 according to Eric Schmidt … Read more

How Should A Newbie Approach Web3, Blockchain Technology And Crypto Jobs? – Tech Tribune France

Web3, blockchain and crypto have become comprehensive terms and have captured the attention of the world with their amazing benefits and gains. This popularity has also resulted in many jobs in these fields. Market growth With an exponentially booming technology market, web3, blockchain, and crypto are expected to continue to grow and grow. According to … Read more