Vectra AI winner of SC Media Awards Europe 2022 “Excellence-Threat Solutions Award”

It was at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square that the SC Media Awards 2022 ceremony took place on June 21, coveted prestigious awards in the cybersecurity sector. Vectra, a leader in AI-based cyber threat detection and response for hybrid and multicloud enterprises, won the “Threat Solutions Excellence Award” in the “Best Behavior and Detection … Read more

“Web3 is simply fighting against the monopoly of the big platforms that have control over Web2”: Mansaa Network, winner of the NFT Film Festival competition in Cannes – BeinCrypto

Web3 is simply fighting against the monopoly of the big

On May 20, the NFT Film Festival took place during the Cannes Film Festival. It was the first festival around film and blockchain. On this occasion, a competition was set up by the organizers of WAGAS Group, in order to reward the most innovative projects in the blockchain sector. 6 startups were in the running … Read more

LoL: An algorithm would have found the future winner of the MSI!

LoL An algorithm would have found the future winner of

Human predictions about the results of League of Legends competitions have taken a back seat. Already in the last international tournaments, artificial intelligence and algorithms accompanied by advanced statistics were the most effective in determining the final ranking. This tradition returns in the next MSI 2022 which will start in just a few days. The … Read more

The pitch of the seven best start-ups: Cibiltech is the big winner

1648117072 The pitch of the seven best start ups Cibiltech is the

Like every year, Challenges invited 7 young start-ups selected upstream in the issue “100 start-ups where to invest” to come and sell their project. “A good pitch is a story that touches us, that makes you want”, advises Céline Lazorthes, founder of Leetchi and figure of entrepreneurship in France.The jury, composed of Olivier Garnier, founder … Read more