The orchestration of application workflows, the cement of a winning data project

Automation and orchestration of application workflows play a key role in operational data analytics projects. Often underestimated, sometimes set aside in favor of tasks deemed to be of higher priority, the automation and orchestration of application workflows nevertheless play a key role in operational data analysis projects. Their mission? Guarantee a data flow continuous, end … Read more

Humans and technology: the winning combination – Forbes France

OPINION | The debate between technology and human capabilities is still unresolved. But at the time ofartificial intelligenceanalytics and cloud, we see more opportunities to think about how humans and machines can be a team, rather than being opposing forces. Whether diagnosing diseases, providing an effortless customer experience, understanding human preferences or providing new customer … Read more

Hybrid cloud and AI: the winning combo for technological evolution

Hybrid cloud and AI the winning combo for technological evolution

Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, believes that the hybrid cloud and AI (artificial intelligence) are among the new levers of productivity and technological development. They are also a lasting solution to reduce socio-economic problems. With inflation, changing demographics and geopolitical instability – led by the Russian-Ukrainian war – the next generations of productivity will be … Read more

France and Germany release 17.5 million euros to finance the five winning projects of their joint APP

As part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE) is organising, with the support of Hub France IA and Numeum, an event at the heart of the Global Industrie industrial fair, in Paris Villepinte: The “AI Village”, which started on May 17 and will end … Read more