Sexism, racism… on Twitch, single women face cyberbullying

Non lintelligence artificielle de Google nest pas

Hundreds and hundreds of malicious bots arrived en masse on the same live Twitch. In the jargon, it’s called a hate raid and streamer Delfea Gaming – followed by 1,400 people – is now used to it. “A few days ago, 200 bots landed on my channel with very violent nicknames”, tells us the twitcher. … Read more

When the public rises up for women scientists – Challenges

When the public rises up for women scientists Challenges

“An exceptional edition”, had immediately warned Marie Drucker, the host of the evening of June 23 organized in the large amphitheater of Unesco for the awarding of the “Women in Science” prizes – international prize For women and science. Since their creation 24 years ago, these richly endowed distinctions “have been awarded to 122 exceptional … Read more

Cannes Lions 2022: Creative Data – Microcredit for women

3 Gold, 3 Silver and 6 Bronze Lions were awarded in the Creative Data Lions category, whose jury was chaired by Alan Kelly, CCO of Rothco (Accenture Interactive) for 328 works submitted. The Grand Prize was awarded to “Data Tienda” by DDB Mexico and WeCapital. Millions of low-income women in Mexico cannot be entrepreneurs because … Read more

Women entrepreneurs determined to make Israel a femtech powerhouse

Women entrepreneurs determined to make Israel a femtech powerhouse

Five years ago, Israeli entrepreneur Daniella Gilboa pitched to a group of male investors the viral picture of a newborn baby surrounded by the 1,616 IVF syringes used by his parents in their relentless fight against infertility. Investors stared blankly. None of them understood the meaning of the image, she then realized. Today things are … Read more

GRANDSTAND. “Let’s reintegrate women into scientific disciplines”

5:45 p.m., June 11, 2022 Here is his platform: “The share of women in scientific and digital professions and disciplines remains a minority in France. An imbalance that is growing and is proving to be a handicap for the competitiveness of our economy, as well as for the vitality of our research. Such disparities testify … Read more

What if women were the future of Artificial Intelligence?

This is the big announcement of the tech sector in recent months: the Facebook group has become Meta. Mark Zuckerberg’s company now sets itself the goal of creating the metaverse, considered by the latter to be the ” future of mobile internet “. An immersive virtual world that will require a gargantuan deployment of technologies, … Read more

BLOG – The place of women experts in the media, progress in sham

WOMEN – They are geneticists, epidemiologists, economists or geopoliticians and yet you will rarely see them on television sets. Because for many journalists, the “good clients” are still experts… men, of course. Read our call for more women in media: A noticeable improvement In 2017, the President of the Republic made equality between women and … Read more

Artificial intelligence: men create virtual women… and mistreat them

A chatbot application to combat loneliness has seen the emergence of abusive relationships between men and their “artificial girlfriend”. “Every time she tried to speak, I scolded her.” In a survey by Futuristic, the media was interested in a post from Reddit, since deleted. This focused on sharing experiences of people using the Replika application. … Read more

Thanks to artificial intelligence, these artists want to create the new Marianne from photos of thousands of French women

Parisian artists want to create a new portrait of Marianne more representative of French women thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm. On, they call on all women over 18 to send them photos of themselves. Will Marianne soon have a new face from artificial intelligence (AI)? In any case, this is what the collective … Read more

The danger of menstrual apps: ‘Data can be used against women in abortion lawsuit’

The possibility of the United States Supreme Court overturning the right to abortion is causing concern among women who use menstrual apps. These applications can indeed reveal if a person is pregnant or has been in the past. Caution is also called for in Europe, according to researcher Rob Heyman (VUB). In early May, the … Read more