9altitudes: Expert in the transformation of the manufacturing industry in Europe

9altitudes is a company specialized in the integration of business solutions. The company supports its customers in their digital transformation from start to finish, in different sectors of activity: the manufacturing industry for 20 years, and also services and distribution. 9altitudes has more than 750 references in the Manufacturing sector, spread over these three categories: discrete manufacturing which combines materials in a structured way in order to create a distinct product in series; manufacturing in project mode, which is characterized by the complexity and uniqueness of the products; and process-type manufacturing, which concerns companies working from manufacturing formulas (chemical, food, pharmaceutical or even biotechnology industries).

“Our vision: to be able to guide the company’s digital transformation on all flows, from design to after-sales service, including production, accounting and logistics. We position ourselves as the “trusted advisor” of the client company. Beyond the implementation of tools, we carry out studies and diagnoses upstream of digitization,” explains Antoine Labuche, Sales Director France. The objective: to help the client formalize his roadmap for a successful transformation.

“We implement solutions from two major vendors, Microsoft and PTC. Microsoft solutions offer an evolution in the organization and processes via ERP, CRM, and business intelligence solutions”, resumes Antoine Labuche.

PTC solutions focus more on tracking the life cycle of the product, from design to manufacture, and the life of the item once installed. PTC solutions, by incorporating technologies such as augmented reality or IoT, trigger product-based digital business transformation.

Demonstrator of innovative solutions

Within the headquarters in Belgium, a smart factory was created on a machine from the Dutch brand Tobroco, which specializes in the manufacture of lifts and wheel loaders. “We have installed a telemetric box on the machine which, by collecting information from different sensors, is then able to process it via artificial intelligence, IOT, augmented reality, up to field service solutions which offer the intervention of a mobile technician if necessary”, explains the commercial director. With the PTC Windchill PLM program, information is immediately shared. All product data is available within a single system, allowing more reliability and sharing with employees. “In addition, stakeholders external to the company, involved in the design of the product, also have access to the system. This experience center on a Tobroco machine is a real demonstrator of the innovative solutions that we offer to support industry towards the factory of the future”, specifies Antoine Labuche.


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9altitudes: Expert in the transformation of the manufacturing industry in Europe

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