A library of objects, an App to recognize birds and a Fair that knows no crisis

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Finding peace and happiness on the internet is now possible, thanks to a team from Kyoto University in Japan, which has developed a BuddhaBot. More precisely, an artificial intelligence nourished by the writings of Buddhist wisdom and available to dialogue with Internet users. And if spirituality isn’t enough for you, here are some other inspiring news to get the week off to a good start.


An object library

Did you know that a drill is used on average only 13 minutes in its lifetime? And the same goes for many DIY, gardening or maintenance items. In Delémont, a library offers to borrow them, in order to increase this time of use and avoid the waste of resources.

The dance of the senses

Since this fall, the People’s Conservatory of Geneva has been offering contemporary dance classes for students with visual impairments. A way to give them tools for their physical, mental and social well-being.


Create with artificial intelligence

What if artificial intelligence was a new tool for artists? And even better, a creative partner. This is the idea carried by the Geneva festival AiiA and its AI Chimère, capable of generating images according to the impulses of the artists or of imagining hybrid instruments where the harps take the form of mushrooms.


An app to recognize birds

Hearing the birds sing is good. Recognizing them is even better. After being launched in German earlier this year, the BirdLife app is now available in French. It identifies 308 species that can be regularly observed in Switzerland.


Afghan cyclists on Swiss roads

You may have seen it, yesterday in Aigle (VD) the Afghanistan women’s cycling championship took place. Initially, 49 athletes, refugees in Germany, Italy or Canada. And of course in Switzerland, from where the origin of this surprising race, 1 year after the exfiltration of 12 Afghan cyclists, welcomed in the canton of Vaud. A look back at an incredible story and the new life that comes from it.

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The Fair does not know the crisis

While the great fairs of yesteryear have disappeared or have lost ground, that of Martigny (VS) is still successful. My colleagues Hélène Joaquim and Dilon Dauti have looked into this Valais miracle, between archives and diving into the latest edition of this event where friendship is cultivated (and where some try to eat microphones).

And if not, do you know The Mod 4, The Yardleys or Tresa Leigh? These North American musicians only released one or two 45s during the 60s, before falling into oblivion. Lausanne’s Ivan Liechti pays tribute to them with the compilation Ghost Riderswhich can be listened to like the phantom jukebox of dreamlike sixties.

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A library of objects, an App to recognize birds and a Fair that knows no crisis

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