“A new school by and for HR professionals”

Explanations from Matthias Bauland, DG Development of Mediaschool.

What observation prompted you to create a new school to train HR professionals?

Two elements came into play: the first concerns the the job market, incredibly dynamic, which is accompanied by an increase in recruitment requests for HR managers. The second factor is the huge transformation which crosses the HR functioninvolved in a triple revolution. First, a digital revolution which involves mastering new tools, linked to data, artificial intelligence, tomorrow the metaverse. The second revolution is societal, characterized by uses, behaviors that have changed a lot in the space of a few months. Employees aspire to telework and distance, the question of meaning at work has never been so strong, working people no longer systematically consider the CDI as a Holy Grail. The third revolution is ecological, calling for very strong biases in terms of CSRin which HR professionals have a responsibility.

How does pedagogy intend to materialize these ambitions?

Talents Management School will favor a pedagogy based both oninnovation and on the soft skills, such as emotional intelligence. Our desire is to contribute to an agile, modern, ethical HRD, which positions itself as a business partner of the general management. We need HRDs who are members of management committees, who can fully play their role in supporting the transformation of businesses but also of organisations, contributing to the creation of value, genuinely supporting employees in their development. The school is aimed at students with a bac+3 or a professional license, who will follow M1 and M2 training focused on work-study work. This confrontation with reality is essential. Apart from company times, they will follow 70% distance learningthe rest being offered in the form of boot camp : each time, a week of immersion within a partner company, which will provide a working theme and mobilize its internal trainers. From learners in continuing education will also follow these boot camps : a beneficial mix for students, to mutually enrich each other. In addition, all the courses will be given by experts and HR professionals. We also have a scientific committee composed of these same profiles. It’s really a school that was created by HR to train future HR.

The school is called Talents Management School. In your eyes, talent management is the main mission of HR departments?

This is indeed more than ever their first priority: keep the commitment, grow, but also attract the best candidates. The notion of talent must be as broad as possible, it is important to take into account singular profiles, invisible talents. the human capital is the first wealth of the company.

Interview by Gilles Marchand

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“A new school by and for HR professionals”

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