Acteos presents a warehouse resource planning module

For Acteos, the year 2022 will have been marked by growth and projects. The supply chain publisher has indeed seen a recovery in activity since the first half, with an increase in the number of calls for tenders for major structuring projects at the level of logistics organizations. ” Supply chain issues remain a major concern for companies and there is a desire to equip themselves with robust information systems. We note that many companies are currently growing and are seeing the limits of their historical tools, seeking to move to the next level, with more complete solutions like ours. In this context, we are therefore going to conclude a very good year “, explains Thomas Felfeli, chief sales & marketing officer at Acteos. And to continue on this momentum, the company recently led a large wave of investments for the modernization of its solutions.

Optimized resource planning

This is the case, for example, for its WMS, with the launch of a new module called Acteos PPR, dedicated to the forward planning of warehouse resource needs. ” Our tool has historically focused on the management and optimization of operations, and we wanted to add a little more artificial intelligence and predictability in warehouse management. sums up Thomas Felfeli. Developed thanks to significant investments in R&D and a five-year collaboration with researchers from the École Polytechnique de Lausanne, the tool is based on historical data from a warehouse to best size the resources needed to absorb fluctuations in load over peaks of activity. ” In addition to our WMS or another WMS on the market, Acteos PPR is an autonomous brick, easily integrated into systems in a week, which allows our customers to adjust resource needs, by integrating all the constraints, in order to make forecasts more reliable and guarantee the service rate for customers “. In concrete terms, the tool is based on workload forecasts by activity in order to determine the number of working hours required, with a margin of error of less than 10%. Enough to answer many questions from site managers, resolved so far only by field experience: how many operators should I deploy, how many temporary recruitments are necessary to pass a peak, how many orders will have to be processed tomorrow and with what workload, etc. Acteos thus emphasizes maintenance of the service level and optimal use of resources. ” There are strong stakes for our customers and prospects on these optimization issues, especially since the software market is relatively virgin on the subject. Many tend to overprovision their resources, which can be a real economic problem. The idea is therefore to have a light tool, which can be easily integrated into the ecosystem of a warehouse, to help with decision-making. We have started to install it with several customers and we are now launching its marketing more widely. says Thomas Felfeli.

A modernization of the range

This work to modernize the Acteos software range also extends to the world of TMS, with more ergonomic and more accessible mobility solutions. ” We are very focused on the user experience and we have several projects in progress on the optimization of our functional bricks, in order to rethink and redesign them. Audiences in the world of the supply chain are increasingly young and are used to interfaces on smartphones – we want to bring them the same simplicity on our solutions. », Details Thomas Felfeli, revealing that several announcements on the subject should be made in the first half of 2023.

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Acteos presents a warehouse resource planning module

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