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2021 results in line with expectations

Objective of return to operating profitability expected in 2022

The annual financial statements as of December 31, 2021, prepared in accordance with French accounting standards, were approved by the Company’s Board of Directors at its meeting of March 31, 2022.

The company’s annual results as of December 31, 2021 are summarized in the table below which presents the main performance indicators during the year.

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Consolidated annual accounts



Change 2021 / 2020

The consolidation covers ADOMOS and its subsidiaries:

Selectaux, Adominvest, Adominvest 2, ADOMOS Placement and ADOMOS Property Management.

Exploitation product









Consolidated operating profit




Current result of the consolidated group




Net result of the consolidated group




Earnings per share



Audited consolidated figures

  1. EBITDA corresponds to Operating income – Payroll costs – Other operating expenses – Taxes and duties

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Exploitation product



Other operating expenses



Dues and taxes



Staff costs






The group’s equity amounts to €15,893 thousand, up 0.9% compared to the situation at 12/31/2020. Full details of the balance sheet situation and profitability will be provided in the management report which will be published by April 30 at the latest.

Despite a sharp decline in activity (-17.1%), the reasons for which were commented on in the press releases of October 26, 2021 and January 31, 2022 (the health crisis, the suspension of operations linked to the OVH fire and new financing rules penalizing new lessor owners, etc.), ADOMOS managed to limit its net loss to a decrease of 1.5% compared to 2020. At the same time, the technological investments made thanks to fundraising should produce their first results in 2022, making ADOMOS “the fintech of real estate investment”.

ADOMOS, a historical player in the distribution of real estate investment (source

With 2.2 million lessor owners (owner of a property rented out) for a private rental stock of around 4.7 million housing units, real estate is the preferred investment for 56% of French people.

Created in 1999, with the aim of simplifying French people’s access to real estate investment, ADOMOS has concentrated for 20 years on distributing through a network of wealth management advisers (CGP) new residential properties built by major promoters within the framework of the main tax exemption schemes (Loi Besson, Robien, Pinel, etc.).

Since 2017, the company has diversified its activity by buying fully let buildings to resell them by high yield and secure occupied apartments. The sale of this type of apartment in Périgueux at a yield of more than 6% is the illustration of this new know-how.

ADOMOS has thus become an important player in the digital marketing of the sector of activity, generating on the internet prospect contacts of real estate investors which it uses for its sales and which it rents out to other players in the sector.

Thus, ADOMOS benefits from:

  • a large database of real estate investor prospects.

  • a privileged relationship with a large number of promoters who mandate ADOMOS to sell their property against commission from an integrated call center.

  • a CRM / ERP tool following the management of sales made by CGPs affiliated with ADOMOS.

These assets allow ADOMOS to benefit from a real significant competitive advantage.

2021 progress

The work of 2021 revolved around the following axes thanks to successive fundraising:

  • improvement of the call center to better manage the customer database.

  • creation of a sales center to expand the product offering.

  • videoconference sales test.

These lines of work have had the following positive consequences:

  • the reduction in the cost of customer acquisition through better use of the contact database already created and the reduction in the purchase price of new files thanks to the expertise of the new ADOMOS marketing / CRM team and new partnerships with data mining consulting companies.

  • the establishment of new banking relationships to accelerate the speed of setting up acquisition credits on Pinel and non-Pinel assets, which should allow the reduction of the WCR which had considerably lengthened in 2020-20221.

The continuity of the technological investment program should allow for 2022:

  • the creation of the automated platform allowing the online purchase of real estate investment:

Some investors accustomed to teleworking tools and skilled in the practice of various computer calculation tools do not like to be contacted by salespeople or have CGPs come to their homes. The new ADOMOS service will allow everyone to identify the type of property and the most appropriate tax framework for their investor profile. The sale going from the reservation, the establishment of the credit until the passage at the notary, can be done remotely as soon as the Artificial Intelligence tools of ADOMOS have been finalized.

This new distribution circuit will increase the number of sales in addition to the historical solutions.

Indeed, real estate investment combines different real estate, tax, rental management and financing expertise, which must be articulated on the basis of algorithms also integrating the investor’s profile and expectations.

  • Participation in the creation and marketing of real estate NFTs:

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are data stored on the blockchain that certify ownership and uniqueness of a digital asset, applied to real estate. he investment in new real estate liquidity technologies will allow everyone to access a rental yield for low entry tickets and without the usual friction of management costs, such as those of SCPIs for example.

Other types of real estate returns similar to those associated with crowdfunding or gamification-type approaches are also in the works.

ADOMOS will play its usual role of distributor in this new field of real estate but also wishes to participate technologically in the implementation of these new models with an offer of adapted products, within the framework of strategic partnerships with one or more companies in the sector.


On the condition of an economic environment excluding a major crisis and benefiting from the means necessary for the implementation of the new axes described, ADOMOS should be able to return to a profitable operation in 2022 and perceive the results of its fintech approach by an overall acceleration of its activity and its profitability in 2023-2024.

Financial Calendar

  • April 30, 2022 at the latest: publication of the audited consolidated financial statements


( ALADO, ISIN code FR0013247244), is a major player in the Internet distribution of rental investment property for individuals.

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