Alpha MOS mitigates its loss in 2021

As of December 31, 2021, the consolidated turnover of Alpha MOS amounted to 5.57 million euros, up by 1.96 ME compared to the same period of the previous year, i.e. a growth of 54%. .

Staff costs amounted to -4.15 ME, up by 389 kE compared to the previous year. A significant part of this increase is explained by the fact that the company benefited in 2020 from significant aid for its personnel costs, in particular due to the implementation of short-time working for a few months.

Consolidated gross operating profit improved by +1.76 ME, to -1.21 ME at the end of December 2021. Operating profit at the end of December 2021 was -1.77 ME (-3.5 ME in 2020).

After taking into account the financial result, the annual net result group share is -1.98 ME (-3.84 ME a year earlier).


Alpha MOS has set itself the objective of maintaining strong growth in order to achieve, by the end of 2025, a turnover of around 15 ME and an Ebitda margin of more than 15%.

Driven by good commercial momentum at the start of 2022 and despite the wait-and-see attitude of certain clients, the company has set itself a double-digit growth target for the current financial year. To do this, the company will rely on the penetration work of Key Accounts, which will continue. Work to expand the sensory analysis offer will also be accelerated.

“The major trends in the agri-food market are moving towards process automation and risk reduction through greater use of data. The solutions offered by alpha MOS meet this need. The positioning of our increasing offer (panels of testers) helps our customers in their transition to a more efficient and rigorous industrial model. The expansion of our portfolio of solutions facilitates their purchasing decision. These solid fundamentals will allow us to maintain solid growth on the long term”, explains the management which continues: “In addition, the quality requirements of the consumers and the need to launch new products more frequently go in the direction of a greater use of instruments and tools of artificial intelligence to augment the human, especially in sensory testing Tensions in the job market in the food production sector are inciting t Alpha MOS customers to accelerate their transition to greater automation/digitalization”.

Regarding the BOYDSense subsidiary, Alpha MOS will continue to develop its breath biomarker analysis product. The ongoing clinical study will make it possible to take an important step in the precision of the calculation algorithms, and then to continue towards the finalization of a marketable product.
At the same time, BOYDSense is actively pursuing the search for public and private funding necessary for the industrial and commercial development of its technology, with non-invasive blood glucose measurement as the first medical application.

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Alpha MOS mitigates its loss in 2021

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