And if it was the true face of these saints?

Brazilian artist Hidreley has imagined the real faces of some saints using artificial intelligence. From Saint Peter to Mary Magdalene via Saint Joan of Arc, the Virgin Mary and Jesus, discover these truer-than-life portraits.

Saints have never seemed so accessible. Brazilian graphic designer Hidreley Diao recently published on his Instagram account the faces of some great Catholic figures such as Saint Peter, Saint Joan of Arc or Mary Magdalene, using artificial intelligence tools. And the result is amazing!

In detail, it crosses Photoshop graphics software with portable applications specialized in facial expression transformation like FaceApp, Gradiente and Remini. Using these tools, he is able to identify, in a database of thousands of human faces, the face that has the features closest to a given character. Thus, as Hidreley recalls in his magazine Bored Pandaartificial intelligence makes it possible to create to infinity and multiplies the artistic capacities of man.

Saints with a contemporary face

The result surprises with its realism. The faces of saints created by Hidreley from a painting or a statue have the appearance of real people, especially since the artist imagined them according to our contemporary aesthetic canons.

Mary Magdalene surprises us with his Hispanic physique far from classical Western representations from Fra Angelico to Caravaggio via Rubens or Veronese where we often find the Saint in tears, her hair disheveled on her back. Taking on the features of a woman of the modern world, the apostle of the apostles, the first witness to the Resurrection of Christ, seems to us easier to imitate.

We also have fun seeing the features of a Joan of Arc dusted off from the imagination of the Middle Ages.

We also find the serene face of Saint Peter and his beautiful white beard.

We also see the face of Christ made from the Holy Shroud. This linen sheet, kept in the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, would have been used to wrap the body of a crucified person, considered for centuries to be that of Christ. We see, as if printed in the fabric, a body and the features of a bruised face, which would be that of Jesus.

Finally, Saint Joseph amazes us with his deep and seductive gaze.

Saint Joseph by Hidreley/ Instagram

The saints of Brazil in the spotlight

The Brazilian artist highlights Brazilian figures. He constructs a reproduction of the face of christslightly different from the previous one, from the statue of Christ the Redeemer dominating the city of Rio de Janeiro.

As for the face of Virgin Mary, it is inspired by the statue of Our Lady of Aparecida. Patroness of Brazil, this Virgin is traditionally associated with a statue found by chance in the sea by fishermen at the beginning of the 18th century. Installed in a small fisherman’s house, this Black Madonna is reputed to have been the vector of many graces and healings. Sign of a particular attachment of Brazilians for this statue so famous in their country, we find in the comments on Instagram, people who, although not Catholics, note the sweetness and the love that emanates from the face created by the Brazilian artist.

Thus, if Hidreley was initially very successful with his Disney cartoon characters, his figures of saints also attract attention on his Instagram account which has more than 250 thousand subscribers. A post, bringing together the various creations of Hidreley around the saints, won more than 14,000 likes. His creations get even more popularity thanks to the Mystery Scoop YouTube channel which animates some of his images. And the success of many graphic designers using artificial intelligence continues to grow, as evidenced by the enthusiasm generated by the 3D reproduction of the body of Jesus from the Holy Shroud.


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And if it was the true face of these saints?

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