AutomationBot: the start-up specializing in the automation of business tasks

With the acceleration of digitalization, companies can now rely on many digital tools to automate work tasks often considered time-consuming. Specialized in the robotization of business processes, AutomationBot brings all its expertise and know-how to help its customers achieve this time saving and productivity.

Expert in the field of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), the company designs and develops since its creation seven years ago, new automation methods for its large clientele. The goal? Enable it to automate many repetitive work tasks with low added value, thereby generating real time savings for all employees.

AutomationBot works today with a very wide variety of players, whether they are medium-sized companies (ETI) or large groups from different sectors such as telecoms, banking/insurance, industry , or health with medical analysis laboratories or hospitals.

We mainly work with financial departments, HR managers, and customer services, in particular to automate administrative tasks. Our data scientists who have more than twenty years of experience are then able to combine artificial intelligence algorithms with our different robots, in order to develop tailor-made automation solutions.“, says Peter Beseda, Director of AutomationBot.

A rapid return on investment

The company currently has fifty expert employees, half of whom work in Île-de-France, and the other half in Slovakia. Currently in strong growth, AutomationBot which generates nearly 80% of its turnover in France, also supports clients in Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg and Slovakia.

Beyond its high level of know-how in the field of RPA, the specialized company stands out today for its ability to establish a close relationship with all of its customers, working mainly within of their premises. The teams then focus on the specific objectives of each player: “If there is no automation solution available on the market for a customer’s problem, then we develop it ourselves!”.

The various projects carried out by AutomationBot are thus profitable in 5 to 6 months on average. “Some of our clients have achieved an ROI after only two months!“concludes Peter Beseda.

To maintain this expertise around RPA, the start-up is now focusing its attention on innovation. The company’s talents are regularly trained in order to quickly develop their skills, with the aim of working actively in the search for new solutions to meet the various problems of their customers.

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AutomationBot: the start-up specializing in the automation of business tasks

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