Bring out the main subject

With your main software Photoshop CC Classic (PSP CC) and the essential Camera Raw plugin, you will work on your image.

In Camera Raw, you will learn how to crop. Then, you will check the relevance of the Black and White conversion and the embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI). You will better understand the importance of the 3 sliders Textures, Clarity and Haze Correction.

In PSPCC, you will practice the intricacies of the Color Saturation adjustment layer by Color.

1- Opening

Open your image as desired in Photoshop’s Camera Raw plugin. Here, we simply operated by dragging and dropping from the computer folder to the image processing software. It is a Raw format, the opening is done directly in the plugin. This photo is interesting. But let’s try to perfect it again.

1648967803 853 Bring out the main subject2- Crop tool

This photo is interesting. But, several improvements need to be made. The white cabin part, on the left, attracts the eye too much. To remedy this, a reframing is necessary. To the right of the usual processing panels is a vertical toolbar. Click on the Crop tool to open its properties.

1648967803 139 Bring out the main subject3- Cropping

The Crop tool properties appear on the right. Select the type of framing you want from the Format drop-down list. For the exercise, the Original format was kept, which seems the most suited to what the photographer wanted. Drag the top left handle to where you want to adjust. Then, if necessary, move the grid for a good composition.

1648967804 248 Bring out the main subject4- Edit panel

When cropping is complete, return to the edit panels. To do this, in the toolbar, click on the second Modify icon or use the keyboard shortcut E. We will take advantage of the possibilities available to us to try some modifications deemed useful. But not all are equal depending on the image to be processed.

1648967804 316 Bring out the main subject5- Black and white

To reinforce the old side of this fishing boat, one can be tempted to transform the image into monochrome Black and white. To do this, click on the gray Black and white button, located at the top of the panel. And, as it is fashionable to do, take advantage of the Artificial Intelligence of the software, click on Auto, button right next to the previous one. Convinced?

1648967804 956 Bring out the main subject6- Back in color

The answer to the previous question is strongly negative: the rendered image is too flat. Click the Black and White button again to remove the effect. Here, the color really brings a plus. But, re-enable Auto active. Notice the action on the sliders below. All have been changed except Textures, Clarity and Dehaze. We will take care of it manually.

1648967804 606 Bring out the main subject7- Clarity

The purpose of the Clarity slider is to modify the contrast around the edges of each of the elements present in the image. Pull to the right to harden the contrast which becomes stronger. On the contrary, if you push it to the left, you soften the whole. In fact, Clarity acts on the darkest midtones to lighten or darken them depending on the action performed – Level 44.

1648967804 355 Bring out the main subject8- Textures

Textures is often considered similar to Clarity. Indeed, it also increases the details or softens them. It is also used in Portrait photography to make the skin on faces softer – slider on the left. But, for landscapes, you probably prefer to pull to the right to bring out the details in your image better – Level 30.

1648967804 576 Bring out the main subject9- Haze correction.

Haze Corrector is typically used to correct, or accentuate, the effects of haze in certain photographs. But, you can also use it either to bring a little more softness, by the effect brought by blur. Either, on the contrary, further accentuate the sharpness. For the exercise we chose a negative value of 32. Compare with the previous step. Click Open.

1648967804 568 Bring out the main subject10- Settings panel

Back in the base software, open the Settings panel. To do this, on the right of your screen, click on the Settings tab. We will deliberately and selectively accentuate the colors of the fishing boat. To do this, in the 16 adjustment options offered, select Create a hue/saturation adjustment layer. Click to open this setting.

1648967805 821 Bring out the main subject11- Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

The advantage of this Hue/Saturation layer is that you can act on each of the colors. To do this, the procedure is to open the list. And, you choose the color on which you wish to interact. Then, you drag the Saturation slider to the right to increase the color – to the left you reduce it. Repeat the step for the Yellows, Greens and Reds.

1648967805 625 Bring out the main subjectPicture ofOrigin

1648967805 11 Bring out the main subjectPhoto Final

Comments: Your work done, compared to the original photo, is final. The final photo highlights the main subject well while retaining the background to locate where the image was taken. The added depth highlights the fishing boat. It was the aim of the shooting.

Practice : when using the Raw format, you still need to work on the image. Indeed, the initial rendering is dull and lacks sharpness. But, the advantage is to have a lot of details that it is up to you to bring out or not.

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Bring out the main subject

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